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Shadow of Fu Manchu - 10 hours [Download] #RA008D
The Shadow of Fu Manchu

10 hours - Digital Download

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The Shadow of Fu Manchu

"Imagine a person, tall, lean, and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, a close-shaven skull, and long, magnetic eyes of the true cat-green. Invest him with all the cruel cunning of an entire Eastern race, accumulated in one giant intellect, with all the resources, if you will, of a wealthy government - which, however, already has denied all knowledge of his existence. Imagine that awful being, and you have a mental picture of Dr. Fu Manchu, the yellow peril incarnate in one man." - Sax Rohmer, "The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu" (1913)

Actor Boris Karloff starred as the criminal mastermind in "The Mask of Fu Manchu" (MGM 1932)In the history of the world, no region has received more attention for being exotic and mysterious than the Orient, whose culture predates that of the ancient societies of Rome and Greece. Its language, writing, religion, architecture, food, and society retain a odd fascination for those steeped in Western culture...so it should come as no surprise that the West has done whatever it deems necessary to erase these Eastern traditions and replace its way of life with Western customs as part of its ongoing commitment to homogenization.

Stoically, the East has managed to do its part to reject Western influences — but sometimes not so stoically, particularly in China in the latter part of the 19th century. Weary of the West’s dogged determination to make them the same as everyone else, many Chinese formed "secret societies" whose sole purpose was the extermination of Westerners and Christians...and the resulting bloodshed led to the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, wherein troops from eight nations were called to put an end to the systematic slaughter. The Rebellion put Chinese and Chinese immigrants who harbored anti-Western sentiments under a microscope, and the end result was a fear that gained a nickname: "The Yellow Peril". Any individual of Chinese origin was treated with suspicion and often automatically believed to be associated with gambling, drugs, or any other crimes that were connected with the "underworld".

An aspiring author named Arthur Fu Manchu's creator Sax Rohmer, circa 1931 Henry Ward, born in 1883, witnessed this phenomenon at the time while he was employed as a reporter in London. He claimed in autobiographical writings that his journalism contacts were acquainted with a mysterious "Mr. King", who apparently had a piece of the action with all the gambling, drug trafficking, and secret societies that were common in London’s largely Asian Limehouse district. King’s influence was so great that the local Chinese would react in abject terror whenever his name was mentioned...and he remained an elusive figure as far as the police were concerned. The story goes that one of Ward’s contacts gave the author information on King’s whereabouts and, arriving at a residence on a certain street one night, he witnessed a car pull up and spotted a "tall and very dignified man alight, Chinese, but unlike any Chinese I had ever met".  It was never officially determined whether or not Ward had actually seen King — but, once his writing career was in full bloom (Ward soon adopted the nom de plume of Sax Rohmer), he used his imagination to create a master villain which he dubbed Dr. Fu Manchu. Fu’s first appearance was in a short story entitled "The Zayat Kiss" (published in "The Story-Teller" magazine in 1912) and, upon completing nine subsequent follow-ups, saw all ten tales combined into a novel, "The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu".

The book was an extraordinary success — so much so that it was reprinted four months later in the United States as "The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu"...and then all ten Fu Manchu stories were republished in serial form in Collier’s magazine in 1913. Rohmer continued to write about the good Doctor in thirteen additional novels, plus a novelette and various short stories, while other authors took a shot at the character in novels and short stories as well. Fu was a true pop-culture phenomenon; he appeared in feature-length films and movie serials, television shows, comics...and of course, on radio.

The earliest incarnation of Fu Manchu appeared on radio in 1927, and there were five different radio productions from that first appearance thru the year 1944. The most popular of the Fu programs was produced in two series of 156 quarter-hour serialized episodes, recorded, transcribed, and released as a joint venture by the Hollywood production firm of Fields Brothers Inc. and the independent New York radio syndicator Radio Attractions, Inc. Collectively known as "The Shadow of Fu Manchu", the episodes were recorded in Hollywood at Radio Recorders studios in the winter of 1938-39, and starred a staff announcer from station KFWB, Lou Marcelle, as the good Doctor. (The voice of the criminal mastermind was long unknown, but his identity was finally unearthed by broadcasting historian Elizabeth McLeod in 2002.) Two veteran Hollywood character actors — Gale Gordon ("Fibber McGee & Molly", "Our Miss Brooks") and Hanley Stafford ("Blondie", "Baby Snooks") — headed up the cast, with Gordon as Dr. James Petrie and Stafford essaying the role of Fu’s adversary, Sir Dennis Nayland Smith. Other notable performers in the series included Paula Winslowe as Karameneh, Edmond O’Brien as Inspector Rymer, Gerald Mohr ("The Adventures of Philip Marlowe") as both announcer and in a variety of smaller character parts, Frank Nelson ("The Jack Benny Program"), and Norman Fields.

The plotlines for the production were culled from no less than nine Rohmer novels, with all 156 quarter-hours compiling a total of four 39-episode serials:

Episodes #1 to #21 were adapted from "The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu" (1913)
Episodes #22 to #27 were adapted from "The Hand of Fu Manchu" (1917)
Episodes #28 to #39 were adapted from "The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu" (1916)
Episodes #40 to #78 were adapted from "Trail of Fu Manchu" (1934) and "President of Fu Manchu" (1936)
Episodes #79 to #94 were adapted from "Daughter of Fu Manchu" (1931)
Episodes #99 to #117 were adapted from "Mask of Fu Manchu" (1932)
Episodes #118 to #135 were adapted from "Drums of Fu Manchu" (1939)
Episodes #142 to #156 were adapted from "Bride of Fu Manchu" (1933)

Radio Attractions spared no expense in publicizing "The Shadow of Fu Manchu" - even going so far as to issue promotional premiums tailored to specific sponsors."The Shadow of Fu Manchu" was officially released in December 1938, with a lavish New York press party to kick things off, and was sold exclusively to local stations which broadcast the serial at various times and on various dates between 1939 and 1940. Continuing with the grand style with which the production was introduced, Radio Attractions created a promotional package that included a big ticket premium of a "Chinese linking puzzle" packaged in special "Fu Manchu" envelopes. (It should be noted, however, that the episodes in this collection were taken from the original syndicated vinyl discs and therefore contain no mention of the premium offers...or local commercials, for that matter. This explains the presence of an uninterrupted two minutes of atmospheric music at the beginning and end of each program - music which would have originally been used as background while a local announcer sang the praises of whatever company was sponsoring the program in that particular broadcast market.)

It’s been seventy years since the character of Fu Manchu was introduced to radio listeners — even longer when you factor in the good Doctor’s first appearance in print — and because it was a product of its time, many of the elements in these serials have become a bit outdated and, in some circles, vastly incorrect politically. (Think about it: when was the last time someone mentioned "The Yellow Peril" in casual dinner conversation?) But to dismiss the series because of those elements would do any listener hungry for thrill-packed entertainment a tremendous disservice. The Fu Manchu character still stands as one of the great pulp fiction heroes of all time and the adventures in which he appeared compare quite favorably with such legendary pulp classics as "Doc Savage". These rare and, in some cases, previously long-lost recorded adventures also retain an appeal similar to the classic movie serials unspooled at Saturday afternoon matinees "back in the day", with their cliffhanger endings, secret passages, hidden laboratories, daring escapes, and an array of advanced technological weaponry and inventions that rival anything ever used by Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon. 

A Note on the Shows: The original 16" release recordings used as the basis for these restorations of "The Shadow of Fu Manchu" were, when first discovered, in rather sorry condition. Worn, scratchy, and occasionally even warped, they presented quite a challenge to the Radio Archives team. However, thanks to expert transfers and state-of-the-art restoration techniques, the programs heard in this collection sound amazingly good. As to the sequence of the programs, you'll note that some shows are missing from the run - the unfortunate result of disregard, carelessness, and a lack of professional storage through the years. To remedy this, however, we've included summaries in the show descriptions which allow you to find out what you missed by not being able to hear the absent programs. What's more, thanks to the script writer's habit of opening each program with a brief summary of the adventure so far, even casual listeners can easily follow each of the serials with very little effort.

Serial #3, Episode #79
Dr. James Petrie receives the news from Sean Grebble of the demise of his good friend Sir Lionel Barton, the eminent Egyptologist. Arriving at the site of Barton’s expedition, Petrie, Grebble and Superintendent Weymouth are flummoxed to learn that Sir Lionel’s corpse has vanished!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #80
From the description given to him by Barton’s niece Rima and his associate Forrester, Petrie and Weymouth are able to deduce that a certain Madame Ingomar who’s been sighted at the Tomb of the Black Ape is none other than the Lady of the Si-Fan.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #81
Superintendent Weymouth and Grebble decide to explore the Tomb of the Black Ape after learning that Madam Ingomar has been sighted there. As they open the sarcophagus where the Sign of the White Peacock was discovered, they find the body of Sir Lionel Barton!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #82
Petrie is able to revive Sir Lionel with his antidote, and Rima tells Grebble that she spotted the mysterious Madame Ingomar shortly after discovering Barton’s body. A mysterious Arab servant who’s attached to a British diplomat turns out to be none other than Sir Nayland Smith!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #83-#84
By the injection of a mysterious elixir discovered by Dr. Fu Manchu, his daughter Fah Lo Suee has left Sir Lionel Barton in a state of suspended animation and, though hypnotic influence, has forced him to tell her of his method of breaking into the Tomb of the Black Ape. From the tomb she has removed certain secrets vital to the Si-Fan and has called a meeting of the Council of Seven. Nayland Smith has discovered her headquarters in the city of El Kaga and, with Dr. Petrie, Superintendent Weymouth, and Sean Grebble, arrives in that city intending to be present at the meeting. As they arrive near the house, Petrie and Weymouth are attacked and Smith and Grebble, hearing their cries, hurry to their assistance.

Serial #3, Episode #85
Smith, Petrie, Grebble and Weymouth successfully overpower the monks in order to gain access to the House of Ismael where the Council of Seven is scheduled to meet. Unfortunately, they are soon recognized by Madame Ingomar, and Smith is fated to meet "The Protracted Death"!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #86
Dr. Petrie has finally been able to bring Sir Lionel out of his coma, although Barton has absolutely no memory of the events that have taken place. Meanwhile, Sean Grebble is being held prisoner aboard ship by Madame Ingomar, who professes her love for him.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #87-#92
Through the quick action of Nayland Smith, Sean Grebble, Superintendent Weymouth, and a cordon of police escape disaster when a powder keg concealed by Fah Lo Suee in a gypsy camp wagon explodes. Later, back in London, Grebble meets the mysterious Dr. Amber, who proves to be Lee King Soo, chief assistant to Dr. Fu Manchu. Lee Wong tells Grebble of the grave danger presented by Fu's daughter and later, while hurrying to his hotel, Grebble is kidnapped by Fah Lo Suee. Meanwhile, Superintendent Weymouth and Inspector Yale have followed Smith's telephonic instructions to go to a house at 18 South Road, Finchley and place it and the surrounding neighborhood under close guard.

Serial #3, Episode #93
Madame Ingomar reveals to Sean Grebble the body of the traitorous Lee King Soo, stored in a baggage trunk. She has a second trunk in store for Sean and a third for Sir Nayland Smith, who is being held prisoner in the house.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #94
Smith admits to Grebble that he’s made a fatal mistake by having Petrie and Weymouth watch the wrong house, and also informs the young man that Lee King Soo is chief assistant to Dr. Fu Manchu. Madame Ingomar enters and threatens her prisoners...but the conversation is interrupted with the surprise arrival of Fu Manchu!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #95-#98
In Bashra, Nayland Smith learns of Sir Lionel Barton's explorations on the Persian/Afghan border and connects the Orientalist's activities with the rumored rebirth of the prophet El Mokana. He learns that Barton has taken temporary quarters in east Bahan and immediately takes a plane for that city. In east Bahan Barton, who has discovered the secrets relics of Mokana and is trying to get them out of the country, is being questioned by a representative of the United States government and a British intelligence officer with regard to the death of Van Berg, Barton's late American associate. Van Berg has been murdered. During the inquiry, Barton is called away; a few minutes later Rima Barton, Sean Grebble, and the British and American representatives are startled by a cry from Barton. The cry is followed by two shots...

Serial #3, Episode #99
Sir Lionel Barton is shot at by a mysterious stranger, a member of a group of fanatics attempting to frighten him into leaving Isfahan. Grebble briefs a newly-arrived Smith on the circumstances surrounding Van Berg’s murder.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #100
Smith, having narrowly escaped death by poisoned arrow, lectures Sir Lionel on his foolhardy act of bringing the sacred Mokana relics to Isfahan. It would appear that Barton’s deed has revived a fanatical devotion to the prophet El Mokan...and a subsequent attempt to steal the relics would suggest that Smith is correct.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #101-102
Nayland Smith, having convinced Sir Lionel Barton that Persia is no longer safe due to the presence of Dr. Fu Manchu, has chartered a plane to take them to Cairo. At the airport Barton, unbeknownst to his companions, straps an old suitcase securely to the undercarriage of the plane. With vast relief, the party watch the lights of east Bahan drop behind them in the darkness. As they turn back from the windows to continue their conversation, Fu Manchu, followed by Fah Lo Suee and one of their henchmen, steps out of the baggage compartment and, smiling blandly, confronts the astounded group.

Serial #3, Episode #103
Fu Manchu expresses sympathy for the death of Van Berg, but suspects that Barton has stolen the relics from the tomb of the prophet El Mokan. Barton and the rest of the group deny it, so Fu seizes the plane and has it hijacked to Baghdad. He intends to hold them captive in his personal fortress until one of them tells him what he wants to know.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #104
Smith, Sir Lionel, Rima and Grebble are rescued from Fu Manchu’s clutches by the authorities, and so the trek to Cairo continues. Petrie picks them up at the airport and, on the way to their destination, hits a native with his car...a native which turns out to be a corpse that’s been dead for five hours!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #105
Rima is upset when Sir Nayland Smith suggests that she return to London and out of harm’s way. Sean Grebble disappears shortly after his party is to meet with Winslow, and he’s spotted in the company of an Asian woman, Fah Lo Suee.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #106
Once again in the clutches of Fu Manchu, Grebble is told by the insidious villain that Sir Lionel’s desecration of the tomb of El Mokana and theft of the relics has played right into his hands. He then injects Grebble with a drug that will make him his mindless slave!
1939 - 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #107
Under the spell of Fu Manchu, Grebble kidnaps Rima and brings her to Fu’s hideout. With Rima his prisoner, he no longer has any use for Grebble and plans to trade his captive for the sacred El Mokana relics in Sir Lionel’s possession.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #108
Negotiations get underway to bargain with Fu Manchu for Rima’s life by handing over to him the sacred relics of El Mokana, despite Sir Lionel’s rather vocal objections. An Egyptian lawyer arranges for a meeting near the Great Pyramid of Giza at midnight.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #109
Smith, Petrie, Grebble and Sir Lionel discuss the impending meeting at the Pyramid and plot to trap Fu Manchu’s agents with a blockade of police. But once Smith and Petrie enter the Kings’ Chamber, they find themselves at Fu’s mercy when a stone barrier drops over the opening!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #110
Trapped in the Kings’ Chamber, Smith and Petrie are greeted by Fu Manchu, who returns Rima to the two men and allows them to escape. Both parties have agreed to a ten-minute truce, but once outside our heroes encounter a hostile group of angry natives.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #111
Fu Manchu astounds Smith and Petrie by escaping from the Great Pyramid despite that the police cordoning off the area outside. Sir Nayland Smith soon learns that Sir Lionel has tricked Fu by handing over fake relics...and as a result, a riot breaks out among the natives.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #112
Upon the discovery of the fake relics, Sir Nayland Smith advises Sir Lionel to leave Egypt at once when Smith learns that Fu Manchu is on Barton’s trail. Meanwhile, Rima supplies Petrie and Grebble with some of the missing information of what transpired the night Grebble kidnapped her.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #113-#114
Warned by Nayland Smith of Fu Manchu's return to Cairo to get the authentic Mokana relics, Barton departs for England with his niece Rima and Sean Grebble. Assisted by Grebble, Barton removes the relics from their canvas coverings and replaces them with articles of no value; these are put in the ship's safe by the purser. Later that night, as Grebble, Barton, and Rima are up on deck, they hear the motors of an approaching plane. A radio operator delivers a message to Grebble from Smith - a warning of an attempted theft of the relics. As Grebble and Rima start to go below to warn Barton, Kennington (who turns out to be an agent of Fu Manchu) holds a knife to Rima's throat and threatens to kill her if Rima utters a sound.

Serial #3, Episode #115
Kennington, previously thought to be a respected Member of Parliament, is indeed an agent of Fu Manchu and affects his escape by jumping overboard and escaping on an unmarked seaplane. Shortly afterward, Sir Lionel Barton learns that the packages containing the relics have been stolen...but will he have the last laugh on Fu?
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #116
Sean Grebble and Paul Rickson hear the voice of Fah Lo Suee from the basement window of the house next door, and when they go over to investigate they are jumped by Arabs. The attackers vanish as quickly as they came, but a note has been left behind for Grebble...from Fah Lo Suee.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #3, Episode #117
Grebble learns from several eminent experts that the relics obtained by Sir Lionel Barton are fakes. Sir Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie are informed of the situation and attribute the switch to none other than Fu Manchu...who’s, surprisingly, then visits Grebble bearing a wedding present!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #118-#119
In a remote corner of the Essex Marshes, Nayland Smith is investigating the murder of Detective Sergeant Hype. As he is also searching for Dr. Fu Manchu's hidden television sender, he has split his forces and has sent Dr, Petrie and Kerrigan to search along the banks of the river. While there, they stumble upon the remnants of an old hut. Inside they find a Mandarin's cap and Kerrigan, certain that Fu Manchu will try to retrieve it, sends Petrie to summon Smith while he waits in the hut. Suddenly, Adata enters - and as she is about to leave with the cap, Kerrigan stops her. As he forcefully compels her to come with him, the sound of drums is heard...the drums of Fu Manchu!

Serial #4, Episode #120
Kerrigan and Petrie are knocked out, kidnapped, and wake up to find themselves held prisoner by Fu Manchu. Meanwhile Smith and Weymouth, suspicious that the Red Lion Inn may be Fu's hideout, enter the premises and uncover a ring of smugglers.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #121
After discovering a note intended for Dr. Martin Jasper, a munitions expert, Smith and his team pay a visit to Jasper's home and find Jasper missing, his assistant Dr. Osaki murdered, and hear news that a mysterious woman associated with the Si-Fan may be responsible for Jasper's disappearance.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #122-#125
Concerned over his failure to locate Dr. Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie, who have mysteriously disappeared, Kerrigan orders the Chief of the Venice police to double their efforts in the search. Later, while riding on a Venetian canal, Kerrigan sees Dr. Rudolph Adlon in a nearby gondola and is also thrown a rose by a strange woman he recognized as Zombia, a human corpse who now walks among the living. He reports both sightings to the police, who soon accompany him to the palace where he saw the woman - but no evidence of her presence is found. Later, Kerrigan returns to the palace to investigate more closely.

Serial #4, Episode #126
While visiting Venice, Kerrigan saw a pale and ethereal woman surrounded by a greenish glow of light. Later, this same woman is observed in the chamber where Kerrigan, Petrie, and Smith have been imprisoned by Fah Lo Suee, the daughter of Fu Manchu. They fear their doom as they ponder their fate at the hands of the criminal mastermind.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #127
Trapped and shackled in a torture chamber, Smith, Petrie, and Kerrigan receive a visit from Fu Manchu himself, who describes how he intends to use their individual talents to his own nefarious ends through the use of drug-induced mind control. After he leaves, the prisoners attempt a daring escape. 
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #128-#129
Having escaped Fu Manchu's clutches, Smith, Petrie, and Kerrigan enlist the aid of the Venice Police to search the Palazzo Brione and, upon discovering an underground pool, arrive just in time to see Dr. Rudolph Adlon killed by thousands of deadly piranha fish. Continuing their search, Smith begins to suspect that Fu Manchu may have escaped Venice on Brownlow Wilton's yacht. He sends Kerrigan to Paris to investigate a clue and proceeds to track the movements of the yacht. Wilton, the yacht's owner, admits that he's received notes from the Si-Fan.

Serial #4, Episode #130
While interrogating Brownlow Wilton, Smith accepts a drink and promptly drops to the floor in a stupor. But it’s a ruse, as Smith pretends to be drugged in order to confirm his suspicions that the yacht and its crew are all under the control of Fu Manchu.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #131
Having escaped from the yacht just prior to its destruction, Smith and Petrie secure a car and race towards Paris to connect with Kerrigan. However, before they can travel too far, their automobile is crushed and they are nearly killed when a large boulder is dislodged from above. Thanks to clever shooting, Petrie is able to steal the car of their would-be murderers and is surprised to find that the automobile contains an unusual radio linked directly to Fu Manchu himself!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #132 & #133
Smith, having gained possession of a leaf torn from Fu Manchu's notebook, conceals his find in Kerrigan's rooms in order to trap the insidious doctor. Fu Manchu, holding a disintegrator in his hand, confronts Kerrigan and demands the hidden portfolio. Suddenly, the police arrive - but, with the help of the disintegrator, Fu Manchu is able to escape. Through a clever ruse, the Si-Fan is also able to regain possession of the portfolio, but not before Smith is able to determine Fu Manchu's next victim: Pierre Delibes, another dictator similar to the presumably deceased Rudolph Adlon. Despite warnings from the Si-Fan that they should not attempt to leave London, Smith, Petrie, and Kerrigan prepare to leave for Paris via airplane.

Serial #4, Episode #134
While flying to Paris, Smith, Petrie, and Kerrigan ponder Delibes future and speculate that Fu Manchu's plans involve some new and lethal form of death by poison. On the plane, Kerrigan notices a man carrying a box...which seems to be moving! Kerrigan follows the man while Smith and Petrie attempt to get in contact with Delibes but, at their hotel, they receive yet another warning from the Council of Four.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #135
Delibes has been ordered by the Si-Fan to either destroy a particular document or be murdered, but refuses to do so. While waiting, he takes a drink and suddenly grows rigid and falls to the floor. Smith, Kerrigan, and Petrie spot a strange form slithering across the floor of Delibes office - an unknown being that has been loosed to ensure Delibes' death.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #136-#137
Nayland Smith has successfully thwarted Dr. Fu Manchu's plans for world dictatorship. By a clever ruse, Smith and Petrie determine the headquarters of the Si-Fan, ruled by the nefarious doctor, but Fu Manchu escapes capture by jumping into the Thames River. The police spray the river with bullets and, when no dead body comes to the surface, it is assumed that Fu Manchu has at last been killed. Dr. Petrie and his wife Kâramanèh retire to their home in Cairo where Petrie resumes his work researching tropical diseases.

Serial #4, Episode #138
While continuing his research in Cairo, Dr. Petrie receives a visit from Paul Sterling, a botanist based in France who begs Petrie to fly with him to Paris to investigate a strange strain of sleeping sickness. The disease is known as "The Purple Shadow", as a strange purple stain forms on the victim's forehead just prior to death. Could this deadly illness be the work of the insidious Fu Manchu? 
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #139-#141
Dr. Petrie has developed Formula 654, the remedy for a strange epidemic that has struck parts of Europe. However, the formula has gone missing and, with Petrie afflicted with the disease himself, Nayland Smith has been assigned to locate it. Smith returns from London and learns from Paul Sterling of Fah Lo Suee’s attempt to visit Petrie while in the guise of his wife. Smith sends Sterling and Superintendent Weymouth to Petrie's quarters, where both are overcome by mimosa fumes. When Smith arrives, he discovers Sterling gone. Smith and Weymouth, pursing a clue to the mystery, learn that Smith has died. Traveling to the hospital in a cab, he too is overcome by Mimosa gas and eventually returns to consciousness in a vast underground laboratory, where he also finds Sterling. Suddenly a glass panel opens, revealing Dr. Fu Manchu himself.

Serial #4, Episode #142
Fu Manchu informs Nayland Smith and Paul Sterling that they are now being held prisoner in China, where they are to work against their will as scientists for the Si-Fan. Here they are introduced to a number of prominent scientists, all of whom were thought to be dead, as well as Florette - the soon-to-be-bride of Fu Manchu!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #143
In the luxurious apartment assigned to them by Fu Manchu, Fah Lo Suee informs Smith and Sterling that they are to receive "The Blessing of the Celestial Vision" - an injection which will make them the unquestioning servants of the evil doctor. But, surprisingly, she also offers them the potential for escape: she will render the injections harmless if they are willing to follow her instructions.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #144
Superintendent Weymouth insists that the police search the monastery of St. Claire de la Roche, where he hopes to find clues to the disappearance of Nayland Smith. Once there, he and the police chief are surprised to see Smith leave by car. Following him, Weymouth soon learns that Smith is now a member of the Si-Fan - a zombie under the control of Fu Manchu - and insists that the body of the late Dr. Petrie be dug up immediately.  
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #145
Dr. Petrie's grave is discovered to contain the body of a dacoit, a servant of the Si-Fan, dressed in Petrie's clothes. Meanwhile, in Fu Manchu's laboratory, Paul Sterling is summoned to appear before Dr. Trink, a scientist who is developing a plant that secretes "The Oil of Life" - a serum that grants eternal life to whomever receives it.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #146
Having discovered that Petrie is alive and also the prisoner of Fu Manchu, Sterling and Petrie attempt to escape from the laboratory. While doing so, they encounter Nayland Smith and make plans to both escape Fu Manchu's lair and ensure his capture by the police.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #147
After Florette professes her love for Paul Sterling and asks him to help her escape, Fu Manchu confronts them both with the knowledge that he has uncovered Fah Lo Suee’s plot to undermine him. The evil doctor outlines his plans for world domination, orders Fah Lo Suee tied to a ring in the ceiling, and proceeds to whip her without mercy!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #148
Nayland Smith contacts Superintendent Weymouth, passes on the invaluable Formula 654, and both make plans for a police raid on St. Claire de la Roche. Meanwhile, despite being flogged at the hand of her father Fu Manchu, Fah Lo Suee continues to assist Sterling and Petrie in their attempt to escape.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #149
With the murder of a radio operator, Formula 654 falls into the hands of Fu Manchu. Believing that Fu Manchu intends to flee from St. Claire de la Roche, Smith, Petrie, and Sterling attempt their own escape -- but find that they are trapped by thousands of death dealing flies, whose stings are fatal. 
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #150
Having survived the deadly infestation of flies, Petrie and Smith discover a lagoon far below Fu's laboratory. From a submarine in the lagoon, the evil doctor notifies Smith that he still intends to make Sterling his slave and make Florette his bride.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #151
Swimming behind Fu's submarine, Smith and Petrie discover the way out of St. Claire de la Roche and summon Superintendent Weymouth to assist them...just before Fu Manchu's deserted laboratory explodes!
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Summary of Episodes #152-#153
While Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie are onboard a French destroyer searching for the yacht on which they believe Fu Manchu has escaped, Petrie's wife Kâramanèh, believing her husband to be dead, travels to Monte Carlo only to discover that he is alive. After contacting the police, Kâramanèh and Petrie's nurse Sister Therese await Petrie's return. While waiting, they are surprised by a visit from Fah Lo Suee, who tells them that Paul Sterling and Florette must leave immediately for Cairo, where they will be safe from Fu Manchu's clutches.

Serial #4, Episode #154
Returning to his hotel room, Petrie is reunited with his wife and learns of Fah Lo Suee’s visit. Petrie also discovers a dacoit dead in the room and sends Smith to summon an ambulance for the unconscious Sister Therese. Petrie and Smith, believing that Fu Manchu will stop at nothing to recapture Florette, set a trap for the insidious doctor.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #155
After falling into Smith and Petrie's trap, Fu Manchu holds both at bay with his disintegrator gun and forces Dr. Petrie to inject both Florette and Sterling with the serum which will turn both into his slave. Before the injection can be made, however, a police whistle sounds and Fu Manchu escapes through a hidden trap door in a closet.
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

Serial #4, Episode #156 (Final Episode)
Having used depth charges to force Fu Manchu's submarine to surface, the evil doctor is forced to surrender to Nayland Smith and is placed in a French prison, guarded by Superintendent Weymouth. Florette and Paul Sterling are safe and in love, Petrie has been reunited with his wife, and all seems to have ended well. But Smith fears that Fu Manchu may still have a final trick up his sleeve...
1939 – 15:00 – Syndicated by Radio Attractions

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5 of 5 June 23, 2022
Reviewer: Jerry Gottfried from Indianapolis, IN United States  

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5 of 5 Beautiful Restoration Work May 20, 2022
Reviewer: Bob Fells  
I wanted to commend you for your heroic work in restoring the "Shadow of Fu Manchu" broadcasts, recently offered by the Archives. I have a set of the "unrestored" CDs so I can personally attest to the Day-and-Night differences between listening to the "raw" material and the beautiful restoration work performed on the ETs. Congratulations!

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5 of 5 I Love It May 20, 2022
Reviewer: Clement Falardeau from Montreal, Canada  
I have received my collection of "The Shadow of Fu Manchu" and I love it. Be sure I will order more very soon. Keep up the good work!

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5 of 5 They Sound Really Great May 20, 2022
Reviewer: Sammy Jones  
I have thoroughly enjoyed my Little Orphan Annie and Fu Manchu sets. They sound really great, and I want to congratulate you on your fine work.

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5 of 5 The Yellow Peril May 20, 2022
Reviewer: Richard McLeod from RIVERSIDE, CA United States  
Dr. Fu Manchu continues to influence each generation since his creation over a hundred years ago by British author Sax Rohmer.  Books, the Silver Screen and Radio have all shared in their differing interpretations.  Even Peter Sellers did a modern film version prior to his death with Sid Caesar.  Dr. Fu Manchu continues to intrigue those familiar with the stories, and I am sure will continue to do so for those waiting to learn the terrors of Dr. Fu Manchu.

This collection is amazing in that many sequences were missing but can still be enjoyed due to the arrangement and plot explanations at the beginning of each episode.  The hypnotic music adds to the  sinister plots as the story continues.  The vocal talent and writing is exceptional, and can vary, but seems best in this Volume with the second half, although it all holds up quite well.  

Radio Archives has done an amazing job of restoration in this unique series, and it is hoped additional Volumes can be added in the future.

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