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Great Gildersleeve, Volume 13 - 6 hours [Audio CDs] #RA804
The Great Gildersleeve, Volume 13
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6 hours - Audio CD Set

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The Great Gildersleeve
Volume 13

While many radio comedies went for the convenient model of stringing one liners and gags together, and some did this quite successfully, The Great Gildersleeve went in a more difficult direction. The humor in the program not only came from the catchphrases that developed or Gildy’s laughter or tumultuous love life. What makes The Great Gildersleeve still humorous to listeners even today was the fact that the comedic moments felt so much like real life. People in the audience knew others like the Jolly Boys or had their own Widow Ransom to deal with, or were raising kids like Leroy and Marjorie. The Great Gildersleeve proved to be a fantastic example of character comedy done right.
Gildersleeve underwent a bit of a metamorphosis when he left the pleasant town of Wistful Vista for greener pastures of Summerfield. Gildersleeve’s long mentioned, long-suffering, but unseen wife disappeared and he became a bachelor who was looking for his soul mate. As a matter of fact, Gildersleeve’s quest for the love of his life would be the basis for not only some of the show’s most memorable comedic scenes, but also a great platform for character development.
The most memorable of Gildy’s love interests on The Great Gildersleeve was the Widow Ransom, but she was most definitely not the only one. After Leila leaves Gildy at the altar, he finds himself attracted to Eve Goodwin, the principal of Leroy’s school. He also dates nurse Katherine Milford later in the show, as well as Principal Irene Henshaw and Rumson Bullard’s sisters, Ellen Bullard Knickerbocker and Paula Bullard Winthrop. He even dates the Widow Ransom off and on again, ending up at one point engaged to both her and her cousin Adeline Fairchild at the same time.
Discover why The Great Gildersleeve is not only considered a great comedy, but also one of the best shows of classic radio in this collection of twelve original broadcasts, presented as they originally aired, complete with Kraft Foods commercials. The Great Gildersleeve, Volume 13, restored to sparkling digital quality.
#171 Leila Is the New Secretary
Sunday, June 3, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#172 An Evening With a Good Book
Sunday, June 10, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#173 Bullard’s Have a Party
Sunday, June 17, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#174 Going to Grass Lake
Sunday, September 2, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#175 Leroy's New Teacher
Sunday, September 9, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#176 Leroy Suspended From School
Sunday, September 16, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#177 Leila Returns Home
Sunday, September 23, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#178 Marjorie the Ballerina
Sunday, September 30, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#179 Craig Bullard’s Party
Sunday, October 7, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#180 Leroy Works Off a Broken Vase
Sunday, October 14, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#181 Lightfoot Visits Leila
Sunday, October 21, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#182 Peavey's Wife Is Ill
Sunday, October 28, 1945 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft

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