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Complete Exploits of Doc Turner eBook Volume 2 - [Download] #RE723
The Complete Exploits of Doc Turner Volume 2

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Radio Archives Pulp Classics
The Complete Exploits of Doc Turner eBook    
Volume 2 
by Arthur Leo Zagat
“Doc” Turner was one of the least likely heroes that appeared in the pulp magazine stories. He was a little old pharmacist who ran a drug store in the slums of New York, where just about everyone came to him when they had problems. Oh, and what problems they had! Werewolves and vampires mixed in with extortionists and gangsters. And solve their problems he did, with the aid of his strapping red-headed assistant, mechanic Jack Ransom, and his young stock boy Abe Ginsberg.
These short stories appeared in the back pages of The Spider magazine, a grand total of 70 of them. Every single one can be found in this collection; not a one is missing.
Table of Contents:
Doc Turner’s Murder Mask
from the December 1934 issue of The Spider magazine
Death strikes with living flame on Morris Street — leaving no sign save charred, battered human wrecks to mark its passing. And Doc Turner, stalking the killer, becomes himself, a fugitive from the law!
Doc Turner — Papaloi!
from the January 1935 issue of The Spider magazine
The blood-greedy gods of the jungle claimed Morris Street’s black citizens for their own — until Doc Turner brewed a witch-poison stronger than their murder-lust...
Doc Turner and the Whispering Death
from the February 1935 issue of The Spider magazine
The dead man clutched only a scrap of paper, yet it was a message which sent Doc Turner to the eerie house where fear lived and death prowled the darkened halls on silent feet...!
Doc Turner’s Murder Medicine
from the November 1935 issue of The Spider magazine
Each week-end brought death and new terror to teeming Morris Street... and what chance had the little gray druggist to protect his people from that hidden hand of murder-madness?
Doc Turner — Witch-Bait
from the December 1935 issue of The Spider magazine
Doc Turner challenged the grim peril haunting Morris Street — pitting his feeble strength and courageous kindness against old-world fears and an ugly death!
Doc Turner’s Bottle Trap
from the January 1936 issue of The Spider magazine
They were two old fools, most people agreed. But they were willing to die for the teeming humanity on Morris Street!
Doc Turner’s Love Dream
from the February 1936 issue of The Spider magazine
Cocaine — in a schoolboy’s chewing gum — led Doc Turner into the dreamy warmth of his youth, and back again to the imperative, squalid present...
Doc Turner’s Kidnap Cure
from the March 1936 issue of The Spider magazine
Doc Turner could not foresee that a piece of paper and a drug-injection would nearly make him cold beef on a butcher’s block!
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