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Return to WJSV - A Day in Radio History - 19 hours [Download] #RA140D
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5 of 5 Audio History July 4, 2022
Reviewer: Ronald L'Herault from North Attleboro, MA United States  
This is a great thing to listen to.  Not only do you get a sense of what radio programming used to be, but also you get to hear what news reporting used to be.   The diversity of daily radio entertainment is impressive.  It is sad that radio stations have become so singular in their formats.

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5 of 5 I'm SO GLAD I Waited May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Donnie Pitchford from National Lum & Abner Society  
I'm checking the WJSV CDs right now, and I've always wanted to hear those recordings. I'm SO GLAD I waited and got these and didn't pick up the older cassette versions, since your descriptions say those were usually off-speed, incomplete, etc. Interesting - I can hear the grooves on the recordings being played on the "Sundial" show at 6:00 a.m. in contrast to the clarity of the announcer's voice! Excellent quality!

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5 of 5 Delighted Over the Quality May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Gerhard Bauer  
I very much appreciate the high quality of your CDs and wanted to tell you that I am delighted over the quality of this CD set. I wanted to buy it when it was still available many years ago on cassette tapes, but held off since it was really bad. I am thrilled now and did listen for many hours - what a delight to be transported back to a complete radio day in 1939. I am grateful that CBS did record the whole day...including the flaws and transmitter problems. Makes it even more real. Thank you for making such a historic recording available in such quality.

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5 of 5 Everything About the Set is Great May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Larry Thomas  
My set of the full broadcast day accompanied my wife and me on a 2 1/2 day trip to Michigan to see our grandchildren. Everything about the set is great...and we enjoy the commercials, too. Your work is fantastic. I heard many of the radio shows first hand back in the 40's and 50's and it is a blessing to me to be able to enjoy them again.

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5 of 5 Keep Up the Fantastic Work! May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Richard Rebbert  
I've started listening to the WJSV set. I really appreciate the great and devoted work you do. As always I look forward to receiving and hearing these shows. Keep up the fantastic work!

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5 of 5 A must listen for fans of old-time radio May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Dalton, GA United States  
I purchased this set a few years ago, after trying to listen to the versions offered for free on the Internet, and, it was well worth the purchase.  Thos "free" versions can vary in both sound quality, speed and completeness.

The folks at radioarchives.com have done a wonderful job restoring this set.

I turned it on around 6:00 AM one morning and let it run all day.  I felt almost as if I were back in 1939.

This is a far different experience than just  listening to an episode or so of an old-time radio show.  This is the closest you can come to the feel of actually being in 1939, waiting for your favorite soap-opera or wondering what was happening in Europe.  The only way you can come closer is if you have a time-machine.

So, unless you are one of the few people in possession of a time-machine, add this to your shopping cart.  This way, you can pretend you do have a time-machine.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Unique Experience! May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Andy Wood from Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom  
This transcribed complete broadcast day has long been a favourite recording of mine. I recently bought the Radio Archives version and am delighted with the fabulously clear sound quality which is better than any previous version I have had.

It's a unique experience to listen to this - everyone should do it. The 6am wake up show has some fabulous records, and Arthur Godfrey is such an endearing and enjoyable character to listen to - his whole  2 hour+ show is a delight. Such wonderful choices of music and songs, great banter.

Throughout the day there are some most enjoyable programs of many genres.

Interesting to hear the Special Session of Congress - the actual reason this day was transcribed for prosperity - and in particular to FDR's speech and the discussion that follows.

Great quiz shows, fabulous Talent Hour, a baseball game, current news, sitcoms, documentaries. JUST FABULOUS!!!

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5 of 5 Out of the Past...... May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Richard McLeod from RIVERSIDE, CA United States  
This unusual sets covers one day in Radio, from the early morning "Sign On" of WJSV  to the final "Sign Off" after midnight with the National Anthem being played.  

Hearing William Bankhead, at the time, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from the Capital Building in Washington, D. C. is one of the exciting moments one will hear during this Broadcast.  His daughter, Tallulah Bankhead was at the time a noted Hollywood and Broadway Star and in less than 10 years would become the Hostess on one of radios  great shows, NBC's "The Big Show" (which are also available through Radio Archives).

There is a great deal of History in listening to this long forgotten day in Radio History such as other radio shows, the War efforts, politics from Washington D. C., entertainers and popular programs of the time.  It is amazing how times and moral values have so drastically changed since that day back in the early 1940's, and not necessarily for the good.

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5 of 5 Like a Time Machine May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Michael Spitzer from Southwest Ranches, FL United States  
The restored sound quality of this special day long broadcast is superb.

Listening to this old broadcast of full day programming is like stepping into a time machine, love the old commercials and news perspective of WW2 at the time.

But I swear radio host Arthur Godfrey sounds like he is drunk at times  (HA)

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5 of 5 1939 WJSV Broadcast Day Purchase May 24, 2022
Reviewer: Eric Beheim from Descanso, CA United States  
I recently purchased Radio Archives WJSV-A DAY IN RADIO HISTORY.  Over the years I’ve had this same set of programs in various formats: MP3, audio cassettes, and audio CDs so I was already familiar with this material.  My order was shipped promptly and was received sooner than promised.  The CDs arrived in their own colorful album/case with enough plastic sleeves to hold all 19 CDs.  The overall audio quality was quite good considering the age of these programs.  The fact that each program had its down track made it easy to find a particular broadcast.  All in all, I am very pleased with this set and recommend it to anyone interested in old time radio.

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