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Horror Stories eBook Ray Cummings and Russell Gray - [Download] #RE606
Horror Stories eBook Ray Cummings and Russell Gray

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Radio Archives Pulp Classics
Horror Stories eBook    
Ray Cummings and Russell Gray

These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this Horror Stories series of eBooks.
Horror Stories! The dark companion to Dime Mystery Magazine. Created to showcase stories too horrible for Terror Tales. The third of the triumvirate of fear pulps. This brand of fiction came to be called Weird Menace. The mystery-and-menace formula proved so successful that publisher Popular Publications produced Dime Mystery Magazine, Terror Tales and Horror Stories. These three dominated the Weird Menace genre all through the 1930s. Blurbed as “mystery-horror” stories instead of “mystery-terror,” Horror Stories was formulated differently that its companion titles. Damn the plot. Pour on the menace! This ebook contains a collection of stories from the pages of Horror Stories magazine, all written by Ray Cummings and Russell Gray, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.
Table of Contents:
Horror Stories — An Introduction
by Will Murray 
When Ghouls Come Seeking! — February 1935 issue of Horror Stories
By Ray Cummings
The thing which they sought — the wrinkled hag and the leering youth — was life! And they found it in the youthful bodies of Barbara and Alan Trent...
Woman-Monster — July 1935 issue of Horror Stories
by Ray Cummings
What ghastly beings were nightly born on the tiny isle of Dr. Lorgo?
Water Madness — February-March 1937 issue of Horror Stories
By Ray Cummings
It was like a disease in my blood — this madness that compelled me to inflict pain on others, and glory in their dying anguish. Nor did the madness leave me when I clutched the soft throat of the girl I loved...
The Singing Corpses — February-March 1937 issue of Horror Stories
By Russell Gray
The third time Neal Dexter heard that baleful, unearthly singing, stark horror chilled his heart... For this time it was the voice of his beloved fiancée...
I Paint Only Death — Aug-Sept 1938 issue of Horror Stories
by Ray Cummings
It was mad and impossible — but the dying curse of the woman whose love young Lee Adams had spurned was coming true! Was his beautiful wife to share the fate of the others who had modeled for him since that awful day? Was she, too, to become a thing of bestial passions — and death?
My Touch Brings Death — Dec-Jan 1938-39 issue of Horror Stories
by Russell Gray
In a moment of violent anger John prayed for the touch of death — and his prayer was granted! Stan Wright died horribly at the touch of his fingertips as did others all about him... How could John go on living after that; how could he ever win little Frances Drake — the girl he dared not touch!
Dance in Death’s Cabaret — Dec-Jan 1939-1940 issue of Horror Stories
by Russell Gray
In the alley behind the den of hell where I had seen my own lovely Lucy vilely and shamelessly flaunt her nakedness before the lusting, bestial eyes of her depraved audience — I found the horribly bloated, tortured body of Lucy’s young chum. Was this the fate that awaited all those who had called my wife their friend?
Madman’s Murder Melody — December 1940 issue of Horror Stories
by Ray Cummings
They pretended they wanted to help me, but I knew better; like hungry vultures they had gathered around, trying to drive me mad with their ghastly, scientific tortures!
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