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Campbell Playhouse - 10 hours [Audio CDs] #RA858
The Campbell Playhouse

10 hours - Audio CD Set

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Product Code: RA858

The Campbell Playhouse

Two unrelated events occurred in late 1938 that led to the creation of The Campbell Playhouse. The more infamous of these was the October broadcast of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds which caused a sensation and a bit of fear that spread across the country. The second was that the Campbell’s Soup Company ended the sponsorship of its longtime show, Hollywood Hotel, and began looking for another program to attach its name to. Recognizing Welles’ ability and ingenuity thanks in large part to the October broadcast, Campbell’s approached the actor and director about sponsoring his Mercury Theater troupe of actors in a new show. So, on December 9, 1938, The Campbell Playhouse headed by Welles debuted.
Although some may see little difference between this program and its unsponsored predecessor, The Mercury Theatre on the Air, Welles struck out to narrow the focus somewhat with the stories presented on The Campbell Playhouse. Welles saw the medium of radio as its own creature, distinctly different from film or stage, and he made these thoughts quite well known behind the scenes of the show as well as sharing them with his audience on the first show. With the assistance of his Mercury partner John Houseman, Welles sought out tales to adapt that had a more current feel to them and stories that he felt could take advantage of the unique traits a medium totally reliant on sound would add to them. Even though Welles would leave the program in its second season, the impact of this direction is felt throughout the entire run of the show, making many of the episodes as much art in a way as they are radio shows.
Some of the most memorable voices in radio, including Joseph Cotton, Everett Sloane, Agnes Moorehead, and Helen Hayes lend their talents to several episodes of The Campbell Playhouse, including those featured in this collection. Enjoy ten hour long episodes of classic tales restored to brilliant audio quality in this volume of The Campbell Playhouse from Radio Archives.
#5 Counselor at Law
With Orson Welles, Sam Liebowitz, Aline MacMahon, Elmer Rice playwright, Gertrude Berg , Joseph Cotten
Friday, January 6, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#8 I Lost My Girlish Laughter
With Orson Welles, Tomara Jeva, George S. Kaufman, Bernard Herrmann composer, Myron McCormick, Everett Sloane, Agnes Moorehead, Frank Readick, William Alland, Jane Allen author, Ilka Chase, Ray Collins, Edgar Barrier, Joseph Cotten, announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, January 27, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#9 Arrowsmith
With Al Swenson, Bernard Herrmann composer, Carl Frank, Effie Palmer, Everett Sloane, Frank Readick, Helen Hayes, Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Sinclair Lewis author, announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, February 3, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#10 The Green Goddess
With Orson Welles, Eustace Wyatt, Bernard Herrmann composer, Robert Spaeth, Alfred Shirley, Madeleine Carroll, Morris Ankrum, William Archer playwright, Ray Collins, Edgar Barrier, announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, February 10, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#11 Burlesque
With Orson Welles, George Manker Watters writer, Arthur Hopkins writer, Alice Frost, Sam Levine, announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, February 17, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#16 Twentieth Century
With Charles MacArthur author), Bernard Herrmann composer, Edgar Kent, Elissa Landi, Everett Sloane, Gus Schilling, Howard Teichmann, Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Richard Maney, Sam Levene, Ben Hecht author, Alan Reed, announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, March 24, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#19 The Patriot
With Anna May Wong, Bernard Herrmann composer, Edgar Barrier, Elliott Reid, Everett Sloane, Myron McCormick, Orson Welles, Pearl S. Buck, Ray Collins, announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, April 14, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, commercials Deleted
#22 Wickford Point
With Orson Welles, announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, May 5, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#26 Victoria Regina
With Orson Welles, Helen Hayes, Laurence Housman playwright, , announcer Ernest Chappell
Friday, June 2, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup
#27 Peter Ibbetson
With Agnes Moorehead, Bernard Herrmann composer, Edgar Barrier, Eustace Wyatt, Everett Sloane, George Coulouris, Helen Hayes, John Emery, Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Richard Wilson, Vera Allen, announcer Ernest Chappell
Sunday, September 10, 1939 – 60:00 - CBS, sponsored by Campbell's Soup

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