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Great Gildersleeve, Volume 17 - 6 hours [Audio CDs] #RA815
The Great Gildersleeve, Volume 17

6 hours - Audio CD Set

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Product Code: RA815

The Great Gildersleeve
Volume 17
In its sixteen year run, The Great Gildersleeve not only grew from what was simply a two dimensional character into a fully realized show. It also established a whole host of tropes that would influence situation comedies to come, most notably that of the rather crazy relative coming in a time of need to take care of children that aren’t his. It also refined some aspects of comedy, including blending what essentially was a small town setting with more sophisticated storytelling. The Great Gildersleeve, like few other shows of its era, proved that comedies weren’t simply all about getting laughs.
Taking cues from Amos ’n’ Andy, The Great Gildersleeve introduced a story telling technique in 1942 that not only upended its traditional situation comedy format, but also changed the face of the show until 1954. The show went from a one and done program to an episodic serial. This was repeated many times over the years, both continuing to chronicle Gildy’s love life and leading to characters aging, like Marjorie getting married and having twins. What had been a show originally centered around a character that might have been a one trick pony grew into a fully realized episodic character comedy.
The work of the writers and the actors behind the voices, not only made Gildy stand out as a character, but gave a comfortable sense of reality to the other citizens of Summerfield. Marjorie, Gildy’s niece, aged, and listeners not only got to be with her when she married Bronco, but also were there when her twins were born. The ups and downs of Gildy’s romance with the Widow Ransom played out more like a soap opera than a typical comedy, taking hold of listeners and keeping them on the edge of their seats every time the two met on air.
Listen in as Gildy, Judge Hooker, Birdie and everyone else in Summerfield make laughter and life happen in the twelve original broadcasts of The Great Gildersleeve, Volume 17. Presented as they originally aired, complete with Kraft Foods commercials and restored to sparkling digital quality.
#219 Gildy Contemplates Early Retirement
Wednesday, October 16, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#220 Gildy Asks for a Raise
Wednesday, October 23, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#221 Real Estate Agent - Hooker as a Boarder
Wednesday, October 30, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#222 Pajama Party - Marjorie Gets Engaged
Wednesday, November 6, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#223 Smitten by an Unknown Beautiful Lady
Wednesday, November 13, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#224 Gildy Takes Up the Great Books
Wednesday, November 20, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#225 Birdy Takes a Vacation
Wednesday, November 27, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#226 Jolly Boys Sponsor an Orphan
Wednesday, December 4, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#227 Leroy Afraid of a Bully
Wednesday, December 11, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#228 Leroy Wants a Motor Scooter
Wednesday, December 18, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#229 Christmas Caroling at Gildersleeve's
Wednesday, December 25, 1946 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft
#230 Big New Year's Costume Ball
Wednesday, January 1, 1947 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Kraft

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