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Operator #5 Audiobook #34 Drums of Destruction - 5 hours [Audio CDs] #RA764
Operator #5 Audiobook #34 Drums of Destruction

5 hours - Audio CD Set

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James Christopher, Operator #5 Audiobook
#34 Drums of Destruction
by Emile C. Tepperman writing as Curtis Steele
Read by Milton Bagby
The Purple Invasion story #9 of 13
They thundered through the high passes of the Continental Divide, those rolling drums of doom, heralding the attack of the Purple Emperor’s mighty armies which had conquered all of Eastern America to the Rockies. Rallying to hold the Divide, Operator #5, alone with a handful of weary, starving defenders, pits himself against Rudolph’s unconquered destroying hordes, his only weapon the strategy of bold and desperate men with their backs to an alien seat.
Originally written by master pulpsmith Frederick C. Davis, Operator #5 was a clear forerunner of the spy genre, which exploded in the 1960s when President John F. Kennedy happened to remark that he enjoyed reading Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. Soon, America was surrounded by spies. The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Our Man Flint, and Nick Carter, Killmaster were just a few of the most prolific. Jimmy Christopher was on the job a generation before them all, blazing the espionage trail, and keeping America safe from fascism and other wicked isms.
What makes Operator #5 richer than even those characters, however, is how well the concept handled the hard left turn of the Purple Invasion. Jimmy’s transition from spy to rebel leader not only worked, but it made this rather run of the mill character a Pulp classic and affected pulp storytelling thereafter.
The goose-stepping armies of the Purple Emperor massed in the passes of the Continental Divide, ready to swoop down upon the last defenders of American soil and drive them relentlessly westward into the sea. Grimly the besieged force, without guns or supplies, awaited the attack they could not hope to hold off. Then Operator #5 played his last card — a daring dash into the Occupied Territory, where his life was worth a province to the man who could deliver him into the eager hands of a torture-mad emperor!
Drums of Destruction is read with stirring intensity by Milton Bagby. Originally published in the July-August 1937 issue of Operator #5 magazine.
Chapter 1: Operator 5’s Messengers
Chapter 2: Kansas Rifles Speak
Chapter 3: Guns of the Dead
Chapter 4: The Battle of Medicine Bow
Chapter 5: A “Message to Garcia”
Chapter 6: The Black Hole of Kansas
Chapter 7: The False Trail
Chapter 8: Sheridan to the Rescue
Chapter 9: Prisoner of War
Chapter 10: A Bullet for the Emperor

Milton Bagby is a veteran radio announcer and voiceover specialist who first turned to audiobooks in 2010. Since then, Milton has worked on close to two hundred audiobook projects and is a 2017 Audie Awards winner, the audiobook industry's highest award. Drawing upon years of stage acting and the occasional bit part in films, Milton uses his experience to create characters that stand out in the ear of the listener.
“I am very much aware that a perfect stranger is going to invest many hours listening to me tell a story. I do my best to give the listener an experience in which the characters in that story come alive and sound real.”
When not behind a microphone, Milton is a writer. In addition to the well-received Rick Burkhart crime novels, Milton writes a line of 1950s style pulp stories, and is the author of dozens of magazine articles and two non-fiction books. Milton and his wife live in Nashville.

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