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Captain Future Audiobook #21 7 Short Stories - 7 hours [Audio CDs] #RA721
Captain Future Audiobook #21 7 Short Stories

5 hours - Audio CD Set

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Captain Future #21 Audiobook
7 Short Stories
by Edmond Hamilton
Read by Milton Bagby
With each Captain Future story, the boundaries of where the hero might go grew, eventually only being limited by imagination.
Published from 1940 to 1951, Captain Future stories initially take place in the far flung year of 1990. As the series progressed, Hamilton moved away from pinning the ongoing adventures to a particular time and focusing more on forming continuity, where stories built on one another. This allowed for a freedom of imagination, for Hamilton to tell stories without restrictions. That liberty of creativity translated to the covers of the Captain Future magazine, brilliant colors and eye-catching designs brought to life by three artists, including Earle K. Bergey.
Rocket into science fiction adventure and discover new worlds. Ripped from the pages of Startling Stories magazine, and is read with wonder and excitement by Milton Bagby.
#21 The Return of Captain Future
by Edmond Hamilton
Startling Stories January 1950
The Man of Tomorrow clashes in fierce combat with mankind’s deadliest enemy—the Linid!
#22 Children of the Sun
by Edmond Hamilton
Startling Stories May 1950
Curt Newton, in quest of a friend lost inside Vulcan, faces the most insidious dangers he has ever known in his entire galactic career!
#23 The Harpers of Titan
by Edmond Hamilton
Startling Stories September 1950
Again Simon Wright, the “Brain,” lives in a human body, and in that guise contends with the most hideous peril he has ever faced—a menace driving a planet to madness!
#24 Pardon My Iron Nerves
by Edmond Hamilton
Startling Stories November 1950
If you think Grag’s an insensitive robot, read his own account of getting psychoanalyzed and repairing to Pluto’s Fourth Moon!
#25 Moon of the Unforgotten
by Edmond Hamilton
Startling Stories January 1951
Curt Newton and Otho plumb the perilous secrets of the Jovian Moon Europa—where Ezra Gurney, friend of the Futuremen, has fallen prey to a mystic cult!
#26 Earthmen No More
by Edmond Hamilton
Startling Stories March 1951
When Curt Newton and the Futuremen revived John Carey from his deep freeze, he wanted to go home— but where in space was home?
#27 Birthplace of Creation
by Edmond Hamilton
Startling Stories May 1951
In their final adventure, Curt Newton and the Futuremen are called on to save the Universe itself from a madman’s destructive whim!

Milton Bagby is a veteran radio announcer and voiceover specialist who first turned to audiobooks in 2010. Since then, Milton has worked on close to two hundred audiobook projects and is a 2017 Audie Awards winner, the audiobook industry's highest award. Drawing upon years of stage acting and the occasional bit part in films, Milton uses his experience to create characters that stand out in the ear of the listener.
“I am very much aware that a perfect stranger is going to invest many hours listening to me tell a story. I do my best to give the listener an experience in which the characters in that story come alive and sound real.”
When not behind a microphone, Milton is a writer. In addition to the well-received Rick Burkhart crime novels, Milton writes a line of 1950s style pulp stories, and is the author of dozens of magazine articles and two non-fiction books. Milton and his wife live in Nashville.

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