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Operator #5 Audiobook # 3 The Yellow Scourge - 5 hours [Audio CDs] #RA436
Operator #5 Audiobook - #03 The Yellow Scourge

5 hours - Audio CD Set

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Product Code: RA436

James Christopher, Operator #5 Audiobook
#3 The Yellow Scourge
by Frederick C. Davis writing as Curtis Steele
Read by Richard Epcar
One moment good-will bound the United States and the great Power across the sea—the next, shells screamed their death wails into Coast homes and factories. No citizen was safe from the bloody holocaust when the Yellow Empire struck without warning from the Pacific. With fiendish artifice the world was turned against us. And somewhere in this country, covertly completing the terrifying work of wholesale destruction, lurked the ruthless agent of the invading hordes. Operator #5 alone guessed the dread secret and matched his individual might against a million war-drunk terrorists...while the nation trembled on the brink of red wreckage!
From out of the pages of Operator #5 magazine steps a dramatic hero who pits himself against threats to national security from all origins. Whether it’s a subversive internal threat, or a full-scale invasion from an enemy land, James Christopher stood ready and resolute to defeat it.
James Christopher did not technically belong to the U. S. Secret Service. He was a top agent for an America’s unnamed Intelligence Service. It was in his blood. His father, John Christopher, retired from the same agency years before. Answerable only to his superior, Z-7, and carrying a letter from the President of the United States identifying him as Operator #5, Jimmy Christopher played for keeps. He carried a rapier sewn into his belt, and in a golden skull hanging from his watch-chain was a reservoir of poison to be swallowed in the event of capture.
Aided by a small group of trusted assistants, ranging from his twin sister Nan to scrappy street urchin Tim Donovan, Jimmy Christopher was a one-man defense force. Proud and patriotic, expert marksman and swordsman, he is the best America has to offer in a time of severe trial.
From the June, 1934 issue of Operator #5 magazine comes The Yellow Scourge. Read by Richard Epcar with single-minded intensity.
Chapter 1: Destruction on Parade
Chapter 2: Secret Orders!
Chapter 3: The Human Tigress
Chapter 4: Blood-Red Dawn
Chapter 5: One Against the World
Chapter 6: Spell of the Beast
Chapter 7: The Pit of the Black Leopard
Chapter 8: The Hour of Death
Chapter 9: The House of the Dead
Chapter 10: Pellet of Doom
Chapter 11: Wings Over the Pacific
Chapter 12: Night Attack
Chapter 13: Eagles Above Agusko
Chapter 14: Monster of the Deep
Chapter 15: Radioed Death

Richard Epcar is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand Voice Over and acting talents. Well known to animation, gaming, and anime fans he has voiced over 300 characters in his career. As an actor he has appeared in many films, including Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Broken Spirits and many others. On TV he has appeared on Cheers, Diagnosis Murder, Colombo, Days of Our Lives, Matlock, Beverly Hills 90210, General Hospital and others.
Richard is Batou in Ghost in the Shell and he's also featured in a new series from Nickelodeon, Legend of Korra. His video game credits include Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V, Kingdom Hearts, Transformers, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, Modnation Racers, Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dead Space, Star Craft, Red Faction Guerilla, Command & Conquer, Xenosaga, Guilty Gears, .Hack, League of Legends and World of Warcraft , to name only a few. Animation fans have heard his voice in Robotech, Bleach, Bobobo, X-Men, Macross Plus, The New Speed Racer, Rurouni Kenshin, Lupin the Third, Digimon, and Power Rangers.


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