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Dangerous Assignment, Volume 3 - 10 hours [Audio CDs] #RA265
Dangerous Assignment, Volume 3

10 hours - Audio CD Set

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Product Code: RA265

Dangerous Assignment
Volume 3

"Yeah, danger is my assignment. I get sent to a lot of places I can't even pronounce. They all spell the same thing, though. Trouble."
In this opening line heard on various episodes, Steve Mitchell, special agent for an unnamed agency charged with protecting America from foreign threats, describes Dangerous Assignment perfectly. Focused on Mitchell's adventures around the world, Dangerous Assignment capitalized on the desire of Americans at the time for patriotic, stalwart heroes to stand up for them. Mitchell, as portrayed by Brian Donlevy definitely fits that bill.
A multitalented actor, Donlevy had a thirst in his own life for adventure and patriotism. At age 14, Donlevy lied about his age and joined the local Army National Guard in Wisconsin as they became a part of the expedition to capture Pancho Villa. Serving as a bugler then, he also later enlisted and fought in World War I in France.
Although he had some initial success in theater and silent films, Donlevy came to prominence as a player of tough guys and villains. Such roles in Barbary Coast, Destry Rides Again, andBeau Geste, assured Donlevy a career in Hollywood and led to other fantastic roles, including that of Steve Mitchell in Dangerous Assignment.
Brian Donlevy shines as Steve Mitchell in Dangerous Assignment, Volume 3. Hard boiled delivery and two fisted intensity make Mitchell a fun hero to follow and fight beside! Restored to sparkling audio quality, the episodes in this collection are a great example of 1950s radio adventure!
Malaya: Rubber
Saturday, February 17, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
New York: Nazi Buzz Bomb Plans
Saturday, February 24, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
London: Secret Code Broken
Saturday, March 3, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Java: Solve Your Own Murder
Saturday, March 10, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Macau: Smuggle Agent Out of Country
Saturday, March 17, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Balkans: File 72
Saturday, March 24, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Middle East: A Tray Full of Dirty Dishes
Saturday, April 14, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
French Riviera: Gocheck
Saturday, April 21, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Balkans: Outlaw Radio Station
Saturday, April 28, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Rotterdam: War Criminals
Friday, May 4, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Landsberg Germany: Causing Epidemic
Friday, May 11, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Trinidad: Operation Hotfoot
Friday, May 18, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Japan: Mr. Big
Tuesday, June 19, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Italy: Continental Defense Corp
Tuesday, June 26, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
South America: Sunflower Seeds
Tuesday, July 3, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Luzon: Smuggling Operation
Tuesday, July 10, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Australia: Ghost Hunting
Monday, March 10, 1952 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Austria: The Underground Press
Wednesday, October 8, 1952 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Indonesia: Gun Running
Wednesday, October 15, 1952 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining
Brazil: Butterfly Chasers
Wednesday, October 22, 1952 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

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