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Bay Phantom - Midnight in Hellís Cathedral by Chuck Miller Audiobook - 6 hours [Audio CDs] #RA1237
The Bay Phantom - Midnight in Hell’s Cathedral by Chuck Miller Audiobook

6 hours - Audio CD Set

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The Bay Phantom Audiobook
Midnight in Hell’s Cathedral
by Chuck Miller
Read by Mark Finfrock
Attack of the Zombies
Once again Mobile, Alabama’s mysterious crime-fighter, the Bay Phantom, finds himself battling a criminal mastermind known only as the Kraken. The villain has the power to turn people into mindless puppets and have them do his bidding, leaving chaos and destruction in their path.
As if that wasn’t enough for the Phantom to deal with, his friend, Tom Dart, is about to be executed in state prison for crimes he did not commit. Can Maribelle Darcy devise a plan to rescue Dart before the fatal hour arrives?
Then a certain Federal Agent named Elliot Ness arrives in town with the goal of capturing the Bay Phantom.
Once again pulp scribe Chuck Miller weaves a zany, madcap pulp thriller like no one else can. This is action-adventure with a Southern Twist not to be missed.
Table of Contents:
Prologue: The Donner-Purdy Funeral Home February, 1932
Chapter 1: Friends - August, 1932
Chapter 2: A Bad Way to Go
Chapter 3: Durance Vile
Chapter 4: Theories
Chapter 5: Mister Ness
Chapter 6: Rickey at the Rescue Mission
Chapter 7: Murders
Chapter 8: The Horror
Chapter 9: Chester
Chapter 10: Confession
Chapter 11: Guts
Chapter 12: The Embalmer and Paul
Chapter 13: The Shambling Men
Chapter 14: Maizie
Chapter 15: Winona’s Dreams
Chapter 16: Inside Man
Chapter 17: Trust
Chapter 18: The Guard
Chapter 19: The Mission
Chapter 20: The Suit
Chapter 21: But Now My Course Is Done
Chapter 22: And Now Is My Reward
Chapter 23: The Suit 2
Chapter 24: You Can’t Go Home Again
Chapter 25: Attack on Tull House
Chapter 26: The House on The Edge of The Woods
Chapter 27: The Castle
Chapter 28: A Waste of Time?
Chapter 29: Midnight in Hell’s Cathedral
Chapter 30: Aftermath

Mark Finfrock got a Realistic Cassette recorder for Christmas at age 10, he knew right away what he wanted to do with his life. Spend countless hours recording everything! Mark wrote and produced his own commercials and radio show by the time he was 11!
When he graduated High School he went out in the world for a few years only to return home and pursue the career he so desperately wanted. Radio! Mark worked in small market radio for 20 plus years and was awarded, 1st Place for the Associated Press’ Radio C Small Market Public affairs for a series of segments he wrote, produced and edited.
Later, Mark started TyMad Productions to do his own recording and production work. Building his own professional home studio he now contracts himself out as a voice talent. His clients include Radio Archives, Town Lincoln Motors, Rock Island Argos, Victorville Hyundai, Clix! Photography and National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Audio Book readings include Pascal, US Marshal Volume 1, Pascal, US Marshal Volume 2, Shanghaied by Francis Louis Guy Smith, Dan Fowler G-Man Volumes 1 and 2, C.O. Jones Monsters and Mobsters by Fred Adams Jr., The Puzzle Girl: A Paul Murdock Story by Michael P Murphy, Maxim Gunn, a six book series by Nicholas Boving, Z-Minus Volume 2 by Perrin Brier, Shotgun Blues by Michael P Murphy, Castle Dark by Nicholas Boving, and Wise Guys Confidential by John Wooten.
Mark lives in Washington, Pennsylvania with his inspiring best friend and wife Tara, his two children Tyler and Madison, and his German Sheppard.

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