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Red Mask Detective Stories Audiobook #1 March 1941 - 6 hours [Audio CDs] #RA1058
Red Mask Detective Stories Audiobook #1 March 1941

5 hours - Audio CD Set

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Red Mask Detective Stories #1 Audiobook

March 1941

Read by Mark Finfrock



The Paladin of Law and Order!
The Red Mask! When he dons his crimson mask with the white skull and crossbones, he becomes the shrewd, implacable foe of gangsterism and vice, whom the whole underworld soon learns to fear and hate.
Unknown to the world at large, the Red Mask is Perry Morgan, owner of the Jefferson Hotel. Gloria Chalmers, his fiancé and secretary is the only person who knows the secret identity of crimedom's nemesis, the Red Mask.
The pulp magazine, Red Mask Detective Stories made its debut with the March 1941 issue. After the second issue in May 1941, the magazine changed its name to Red Hood Detective Stories for the July 1941 issue. That was the final issue of the adventures of Perry Morgan, the Red Mask. Red Mask Detective Stories returns in these vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s listeners.
Table of Contents:
Book-Length Novel
Brain Of The Octopus
by Stanley Richards
Beginning the career of the Red Mask. Who was the Brain of the Octopus? The man in the Red Mask set out to track him down. Introducing a great new character.
The Debut Of The Red Mask
On A Saturday Afternoon
by Roger Masterson
They’d prepared a neat little ambush for Terry Bradford. There was an important piece of paper they wanted. But they got more than just a piece of paper — in fact, much more than they bargained for.
The Strip-Tease Murder Case
by Rufus L. Wilde
Sally Sloane’s strip-tease past came back to haunt her. So Duke Bender was called in to do a little un-haunting. The trouble was, he did too good a job.
Calling Gabriel
by James Knox
Who was this man who was apparently risking his life in a burst of religious fervor? Was he a crackpot — or a shrewd criminal?
On The Eighth Tee
by Martin Brand
Two golf caddies turned murderers, a pretty young girl — and Lieutenant Jimmy Mersereau. Mix them together, stir well — and you have a bit of exciting action.
Phony Buyers
This is a sweet little swindle, and for a long time was a splendid revenue to the men who started it. Gradually more and more of the get-rich-quick gentry heard about it, and the field became overcrowded. But unlike many similar rackets, it has not been done to death, and is lying fallow until the advent of an administration that isn’t so hard on the smart boys.
House Of Hate — Complete Novel
by Alan Beek
It might have been a simple case of murder during a burglary. But the house was so filled with hate that Chief Draper felt sure there must be more to it than that.
The Super-Thief
by A.D. Cade
John Torrington was a well-known actor. It was his clever acting that enabled him to get revenge.

Mark Finfrock got a Realistic Cassette recorder for Christmas at age 10, he knew right away what he wanted to do with his life. Spend countless hours recording everything! Mark wrote and produced his own commercials and radio show by the time he was 11!
When he graduated High School he went out in the world for a few years only to return home and pursue the career he so desperately wanted. Radio! Mark worked in small market radio for 20 plus years and was awarded, 1st Place for the Associated Press’ Radio C Small Market Public affairs for a series of segments he wrote, produced and edited.
Later, Mark started TyMad Productions to do his own recording and production work. Building his own professional home studio he now contracts himself out as a voice talent. His clients include Radio Archives, Town Lincoln Motors, Rock Island Argos, Victorville Hyundai, Clix! Photography and National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Audio Book readings include Pascal, US Marshal Volume 1, Pascal, US Marshal Volume 2, Shanghaied by Francis Louis Guy Smith, Dan Fowler G-Man Volumes 1 and 2, C.O. Jones Monsters and Mobsters by Fred Adams Jr., The Puzzle Girl: A Paul Murdock Story by Michael P Murphy, Maxim Gunn, a six book series by Nicholas Boving, Z-Minus Volume 2 by Perrin Brier, Shotgun Blues by Michael P Murphy, Castle Dark by Nicholas Boving, and Wise Guys Confidential by John Wooten.
Mark lives in Washington, Pennsylvania with his inspiring best friend and wife Tara, his two children Tyler and Madison, and his German Sheppard.

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