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Big Bands on One Night Stand, Volume 1 - 10 hours [Audio CDs] #RA079
Big Bands on One Night Stand, Volume 1

10 hours - Audio CD Set

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The Big Bands on One Night Stand
Volume 1

The Hollywood Palladium celebrates its Grand Opening in 1940 with Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, featuring Frank SinatraFor some, they're nostalgic, recalling a time of glittering night spots and elegant ballrooms, surrounded by dancers dressed to the nines and romancing to the melodies of a by-gone era. For others, they're archival, allowing listeners to hear the sounds of musicians and vocalists who often went unrecorded during their hey-day. But for many, remote broadcasts featuring the big bands of the 1940s and 1950s are simply excellent entertainment, featuring talented artists at the top of their form, performing live and in-person in front of enthusiastic audiences that came to listen, to dance, to romance, or just to dream.

Whether you remember the big band era yourself or appreciate the timeless music of the war years and beyond, Radio Archives knows you'll find many treasures in this collection, offering twenty half-hour broadcasts dating from 1943 to 1952 and featuring twenty of the top bands and musical groups so popular at the time. In addition to performances by orchestras that are still well remembered today - Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, Stan Kenton, Ray Anthony, Louis Prima - this collection also features broadcasts by several lesser-known but equally talented ensembles. In rare wartime broadcasts, Charlie Spivak, Lee Castle, and Sonny Dunham demonstrate their individually unique trumpet styles; the hotel-based bands of Gay Claridge and Leighton Noble display their knack for gentle but effective dance music, as was so often featured in stylish high-end nightspots like New York's Waldorf Astoria and Astor Hotels; Jan Savitt, originally a classical violinist, integrates smooth strings with jump tunes in arrangements that are as danceable as they are exciting.

The Armed Forces Radio Service recorded and distributed thousands of live band remotes from the 1940s thru the 1960sIn addition to the familiar musical hits of the time, there are some nice surprises to be found here as well: the now little-known but still much admired Boyd Raeburn band, featuring its leader on bass saxophone; Jan Garber, the "Idol of the Airwaves" who, for most of his five-decade career, led a successful sweet band ala Guy Lombardo, is heard here with his driving and impressive wartime swing band; "King of Swing" Benny Goodman, in an attempt to keep up with changing times, brings his bop-tinged late 1940s band into the Hollywood Palladium for a memorable stay; Pee Wee Erwin, popular trumpeter with both Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey, leads a romping Dixieland ensemble in a broadcast aired exclusively for the military and never heard commercially; and the John Kirby Sextet, always ahead of its time, performs an intimate 1944 set in New York City's Aquarium Restaurant.

All of these performances exist today thanks to the efforts of the Armed Forces Radio Service, a Los Angeles-based division of the U. S. Government's War Department which, in 1942, began recording, editing, and re-releasing commercial radio programs for airing on hundreds of military shortwave stations throughout the world. From the beginning, the AFRS attempted to bring the full spectrum of America's radio entertainment to the men and women of the armed forces - and, since American radio networks always featured live band remotes in the late night and early morning hours, it was only natural that the AFRS would record and rebroadcast these shows as well. Editing and repackaging the shows under the overall title of "One Night Stand," over the course of twenty five years, the AFRS captured and preserved literally thousands of live musical performances - shows that, for the most part, would have otherwise gone unrecorded and lost to the ages.

Of course, since many of the live remote broadcasts contained in this set are well over sixty years old - and since many AFRS recordings were heavily played, shipped from location to location, and stored in less than ideal conditions - Radio Archives has had to devote considerable time and effort to their restoration, making them sound as bright, clean, and pristine as possible. If you recall the big bands on the radio as sounding static-ridden or distant, you'll be amazed by the quality of audio heard here -- but, even if you're used to modern day digital recording techniques, we know you'll be impressed by the fidelity of these rare and unique broadcasts.

So sit back and give a listen to the delightful orchestras and melodies of the big band era, as heard on "One Night Stand". Whether these programs bring back memories, impress you with their historical value, or just make you want to hum, sing, or dance along, we know this is a set you'll want to play and enjoy over and over again.

Charlie Spivak#30 Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra from the Hollywood Palladium
featuring vocals by Irene Daye and The Stardusters and announcer Harry Mitchell
October 1943 - 30:00 - AFRS

#145 Boyd Raeburn and his Orchestra from the Roosevelt Hotel, Washington D. C.
with vocals by Ted Travers
February 1944 - 30:00 - AFRS

#318 The John Kirby Sextet from the Aquarium Restaurant, New York City
with vocals by Rosetta Williams
June or July 1944 - 30:00 - AFRS

Jimmy Dorsey#173 Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra from the Panther Room of the Hotel Sherman, Chicago
with vocals by Gladys Tell and Paul Carley
February or March, 1944 - 30:00 - AFRS

#381 Gay Claridge and his Orchestra from the Chez Paree, Chicago
with vocals by Mary Osborne
Monday, August 7, 1944 - 30:00 - AFRS

#479 Bob Strong and his Orchestra from the Glen Island Casino, New Rochelle, New York
with vocals by Betty Martin, Tony Fiola, and Tom Eldridge
Sunday, August 20, 1944 - 30:00 - AFRS

Lee Castle#492 Lee Castle and his Orchestra from Frank Dailey's Terrace Room, Newark, New Jersey
with vocals by Natalie Kaye and Mark Young
Wednesday, August 30, 1944 - 30:00 - AFRS

#672 Louis Prima and his Orchestra from Frank Dailey's Terrace Room, Newark, New Jersey
with vocals by Lily Ann Carol and Louis Prima
Saturday, January 6, 1945 - 30:00 - AFRS

#725 Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra from the Hollywood Palladium
featuring vocals by Vaughn Monroe, The Norton Sisters, and Johnny Bond and announcer Bill Ewing
(Note: The AFRS announcer incorrectly identifies this broadcast as emanating from the Hotel Commodore, New York City.)
Thursday, February 8, 1945 - 30:00 - AFRS

Sonny DunhamFill #82 Jan Garber and his Orchestra from Trianon Ballroom, Southgate, California
with vocals by Debbie Claire and The Alley Cats
Saturday, March 31, 1945 - 30:00 - AFRS

#676 Sonny Dunham and his Orchestra from the Terrace Room of the Hotel New Yorker, New York City
with vocals by Marianne, Tommy Randall, and Sonny Dunham
Monday, July 16, 1945 - 30:00 - AFRS

#748 Harry James and his Orchestra from Casino Gardens, Ocean Park, California
with vocals by Kitty Kallen and Buddy De Vito
Saturday, September 22, 1945 - 30:00 - AFRS

Stan Kenton#760 Stan Kenton and his Orchestra from the Cafe Rouge of the Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City
with vocals by June Christy and Gene Howard
Thursday, September 27, 1945 - 30:00 - AFRS

#745 Jan Savitt and his Orchestra from the Hollywood Palladium
with vocals by Jo Ann Ryan
Thursday, October 4, 1945 - 30:00 - AFRS

#1012 Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra from the Roseland Ballroom, New York City
with vocals by Gloria Stark and Carl Denny
Friday, March 1, 1946 - 30:00 - AFRS

Hal McIntyre#1020 Hal McIntyre and his Orchestra from the Century Room of the Commodore Hotel, New York City
with vocals by Johnny Turnbull, Nancy Reed, and Frankie Lester
Wednesday, May 15, 1946 - 30:00 - AFRS

#1039 Leighton Noble and his Orchestra from the Starlight Roof of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City
with vocals by Helen Lynne and Leighton Noble
Friday, June 21, 1946 - 30:00

#1957 Benny Goodman and his Orchestra from the Hollywood Palladium
with vocals by Terry Swope, Buddy Greco, and The Clarinaders
Tuesday, March 29, 1949 - 30:00 - AFRS

Ray Anthony#2397 Pee Wee Erwin and his Dixieland Six from Nick's Restaurant, New York City
with piano solos by Hank Duncan
Thursday, December 14, 1950 - 30:00 - AFRS

#2798 Ray Anthony and his Orchestra from the Cafe Rouge of the Hotel Statler, New York City
with vocals by Tommy Mercer, Marcie Miller, and The Skyliners
Friday, January 11, 1952 - 30:00 - AFRS

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