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Operator #5 Audiobook # 9 Legions of Starvation - 5 hours [Download] #RA568D
Operator #5 Audiobook # 9 Legions of Starvation

5 hours - Digital Download

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James Christopher, Operator #5 Audiobook
#9 Legions of Starvation
by Frederick C. Davis writing as Curtis Steele
Read by Milton Bagby
Speeding through the silent blackness of the night, a long freight-train was laden with a cargo more precious than fine gold — wheat! Then suddenly, the hirelings of Apocryphos unleashed red destruction, and the great machine lay wrecked, its cars of priceless grain afire... Another blow in the ruthless campaign that was driving a proud people, whimpering, to slavery — overwhelmed by the cruel pangs of hunger! The four horsemen of the Apocalypse, thundered sharp-hoofed over the sterile reaches of a famine-wasted continent, while only one man — Operator #5 — realized the ghastly extent of the diabolical plot. And only he — America’s undercover ace — could hope to bring the canny schemer to the justice he deserved — death!


James Christopher did not technically belong to the U. S. Secret Service. He was a top agent for an America’s unnamed Intelligence Service. It was in his blood. His father, John Christopher, retired from the same agency years before. Answerable only to his superior, Z-7, and carrying a letter from the President of the United States identifying him as Operator #5, Jimmy Christopher played for keeps. He carried a rapier sewn into his belt, and in a golden skull hanging from his watch-chain was a reservoir of poison to be taken in the event of capture.


Aided by a small group of trusted assistants, ranging from his twin sister Nan to scrappy street urchin Tim Donovan, Jimmy Christopher was a one-man defense force. Proud and patriotic, expert marksman and swordsman, he is the best America has to offer in a time of severe trial.


Into this unprecedented crisis plunged Jimmy Christopher. Only one man, but a man who embodied the American spirit — and stands prepared to perish to protect his country.

Legions of Starvation is read with stirring intensity by Milton Bagby. Originally published in the December, 1934 issue of Operator #5 magazine.
Chapter 1: Special to Hell
Chapter 2: Flames of Famine
Chapter 3: The Black Swarm
Chapter 4: The Living Storm
Chapter 5: Apocryphos!
Chapter 6: Operator 5 Reports
Chapter 7: The Crystal Clue
Chapter 8: The Trail of the Beast
Chapter 9: Treachery in Uniform
Chapter 10: The Counterfeit Man
Chapter 11: The Incredible Face
Chapter 12: The Iron Fist Clenches
Chapter 13: Apocryphos Speaks
Chapter 14: The Glowing Trail
Chapter 15: The Hoof-Prints of Doom
Chapter 16: The Man Who Wanted a Nation

Milton Bagby is a veteran radio announcer and voiceover specialist who first turned to audiobooks in 2010. Since then, Milton has worked on over two dozen audiobook projects as a narrator or producer. Drawing upon years of stage acting and the occasional bit part in films, Milton uses his experience to create characters that stand out in the ear of the listener.

“I am very much aware that a perfect stranger is going to invest eight or ten hours listening to me tell a story. I do my best to give the listener an experience in which the characters in that story come alive and sound real.”

When not behind a microphone, Milton is a writer.  In addition to the well-received Rick Burkhart crime novels, Milton writes a line of 1950s style pulp stories, and is the author of dozens of magazine articles and two non-fiction books.  Milton and his wife live in Nashville.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Compelling Pulp Adventure May 28, 2022
Reviewer: Joseph Baneth Allen from Jacksonville, FL United States  
Just finished listening to "James Christopher - Operator #5 -#9 Legions of Starvation" released by Radio Archives.
What makes the adventures of James Christopher so compelling is the utter believably of the various foes he fights; along with the fact that he has the support of a loving family and girl-friend who fight along side him.  James Christopher and his family are not only loyal to each other; but they are willing to make any sacrifice necessary if it will help save the United States and stave off a catastrophe of epic proportions.
In this Operator 5 adventure, a would be dictator by the name of Apocryphos plans on destroying the United States by disrupting and destroying food supplies.  Think it can't happen - think of a certain hurricane that hit New Orleans nearly a decade ago.  Panic does ensue when supplies of food and drinking water are non-existent.
A taunt, compelling pulp adventure!
Strongly Recommended!
Five Stars!  

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 # 9 Legions of Starvation July 28, 2021
Reviewer: Trinidad Aguero from Laguna Niguel, CA United States  
These audio books best I've heard.  Enjoyed all.  Couldn't stop listening!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great company and people July 26, 2018
Reviewer: Ronald Poness from Vero Beach , FL United States  

 Tom & Radio Archives:
  I can not express to both  Tom and Radio Archives how much pleasure they have
given me over the years.  Both their radio shows and audio books have given me
many hours of pleasant distraction from the the every day stresses of life.  
When listening to your programs I am  able to escape to a much pleasanter world
of fantasy and yesterday.  In my opinion the quality of their productions have
exceeded even the original broadcasts.  It is a great loss to younger generation
they are not privy to the great radio shows that allowed them to use their
imagination to visualize their super heroes.  For the younger generations lucky
enough to have found this treasure of Radio Archives may they enjoy it as much
as we (I) do.  Thank You for the many happy hours you have provided me.
 Ron Poness

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