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Operator #5 Audiobook # 6 Master of Broken Men - 5 hours [Download] #RA517D
Operator #5 Audiobook - #06 Master of Broken Men

5 hours - Digital Download

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James Christopher, Operator #5 Audiobook
#6 Master of Broken Men
by Frederick C. Davis writing as Curtis Steele
Read by Milton Bagby
Chaos, confusion, disintegration fall with swift, breath-taking disaster upon America! Already terrorized by a tottering, unstable world, American men and women are swept into a mad stampede when the great leaders of the nation are spirited away, one by one, to return broken men, useless, inept. Here Jimmy Christopher — Operator #5 — sets forth on his most thrilling and dangerous exploit while the great brains of America surrender to madness and despair; as a leaderless people seethe in revolt against a government which is crumbling before their eyes. How can Operator #5, single-handed, hope to prevail against that dread Master of Broken Men?
A woman screamed once... and a thousand guests in that great Washington ballroom stood frozen with terror as the blood-mad horde of naked savages turned the place into a reeking charnel house. But that was only the beginning... America’s greatest industrial and political leaders become, over-night, gibbering maniacs, while a fear-frenzied, despairing nation revolts against a crumbling, dying government! How can Operator #5, alone, hope to prevail against this dread Master of Broken Men?
They called this new threat to America’s freedom, the Man Breaker. Was he an agent of a foreign power, or a traitor burrowing through the national bowels like a termite of silent but relentless destruction? Did it matter when the country’s most prominent leaders fell before his cruel tortures like spineless rag dolls? As savage riots spring up across the benighted land, Jimmy Christopher, Operator #5, takes up his pistol and rapier and undertakes a desperate manhunt for the mastermind before the nation plunges into a new Dark Age of Doom.
Into this uncontrollable political crisis plunges Jimmy Christopher. Only one man, but a man who embodied the American spirit—and stands prepared to perish to protect his country.
From the pages of Operator #5 magazine, September, 1934, comes Master of Broken Men! Read by Milton Bagby.
Chapter 1: Jungle Jeopardy
Chapter 2: Destroyer of Men
Chapter 3: Boomerang Death
Chapter 4: The Trail of Terror
Chapter 5: Twelve Strokes of Doom
Chapter 6: Trial by Touch
Chapter 7: The Dangling Trap
Chapter 8: Attack in the Air
Chapter 9: The Tightening of the Coils
Chapter 10: Shells of Men
Chapter 11: Operator #5 Commands
Chapter 12: Death’s Face
Chapter 13: The Great Chance
Chapter 14: The Secret of the Swamp
Chapter 15: The Game of Death
Chapter 16: Millions Waited

Milton Bagby is a veteran radio announcer and voiceover specialist who first turned to audiobooks in 2010. Since then, Milton has worked on over two dozen audiobook projects as a narrator or producer. Drawing upon years of stage acting and the occasional bit part in films, Milton uses his experience to create characters that stand out in the ear of the listener.

“I am very much aware that a perfect stranger is going to invest eight or ten hours listening to me tell a story. I do my best to give the listener an experience in which the characters in that story come alive and sound real.”

When not behind a microphone, Milton is a writer.  In addition to the well-received Rick Burkhart crime novels, Milton writes a line of 1950s style pulp stories, and is the author of dozens of magazine articles and two non-fiction books.  Milton and his wife live in Nashville.

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5 of 5 Five Star Suspense! May 28, 2022
Reviewer: Joseph Baneth Allen from Jacksonville, FL United States  
Just finished listening "James Christopher, Operator #5 - America's Undercover Ace #6 - Master of Broken Men" released by Radio Archives.
Operator #5 matches wits with perhaps one of the most diabolical psychopath sever to grace the pages of pulp and literary fiction.  Sure Hannibal the Cannibal dishes up horror by ripping out your kidneys and munching on them as your slowly die, watching in horror - but it takes a special kind of psychopath to study you in order to break you down emotionally in order to zap your will to live.
The Master of Broken Men is one such special psychopath.  He strikes at the core values and inner souls of individuals in order to break them - all because they dare to be exceptional and achieve personal greatness.  
Milton Baby brings the story to intense life.

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