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Magic Island, Volume 2 - 12 hours [Download] #RA863D
Magic Island, Volume 2

12 hours - Digital Download

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Product Code: RA863D

Magic Island
Volume 2
"Golly whiskers!"
Wealthy widow Patricia Gregory is the lone survivor of a South Pacific shipwreck that purportedly claimed the lives of her husband and her infant daughter Joan, one-year-old at the time. But Patricia is convinced that Joan didn't perish in the shipwreck and has spent the past fourteen years searching for her lost child. During that time, Ms. Gregory has been approached by many individuals claiming knowledge of Joan's whereabouts (there's a hefty reward being offered) but any and all leads have failed to materialize.
One night, Patricia's right-hand man Captain Tex Bradford, encounters young Jerry Hall, who relays to Gregory an incident where he intercepted a broadcast on his shortwave radio. A dying sailor has revealed the existence of an uncharted South Seas island, Euclidia, with one of its inhabitants, a fifteen-year-old girl who could be the missing Joan Gregory. Patricia, Tex, and Jerry (who insists on tagging along as a stowaway) soon set sail for Magic Island, an entertaining science-fiction radio serial serving up adventure and mystery over the course of 130 episodes.
Perry (Percy C.) Crandall had a lucrative career in the 1930s as a continuity writer for KNX in Hollywood, after spending the previous decade working in several stock companies. Among his radio productions were The Misadventures of Si and Elmer, a comic serial featuring a pair of "hayseed gumshoes" newly graduated from detective school. Magic Island was first heard over KNX in 1935, and when Crandall landed a job with Hollywood's Atlas Radio Corporation in 1937 he offered his Magic Island series as a transcribed serial, syndicated over 130 episodes. Crandall's participation with Magic Island extended to his additional duties as the program's announcer and performer in the cast; sadly, he would succumb to pneumonia in January of 1939 just as Magic Island was building an audience.
The cast of Magic Island includes Sally Creighton as Patricia Gregory and Rosa Barcelo as her daughter Joan, supported by such performers as Tommy Carr and OTR veteran William Johnstone.
There's fantasy and adventure in store for you as the Gregory women are joyfully reunited and the team matches wits with the mysterious "G-47," ruler of Euclidia...better known as Magic Island!
All 130 episodes of this exciting fifteen minute, syndicated radio serial from 1937 have survived, thanks to the Library of Congress. The first 60 episodes are included in Volume 1 and the radio serial continues in Volume 2.
Here is the complete contents of Magic Island, Volume 2, expertly restored for Sparkling Audio Quality by Radio Archives.
#61 Tex Is Ray Gunned
#62 Safe For Three Days
#63 Keystone Notes
#64 Locked In Rooms
#65 Reunited
#66 Stealing A Sub
#67 The Warning Signal
#68 90 Second Intervals
#69 Attacked From The Air
#70 Sub Dives To 9,000'
#71 10 Seconds For The Combination
#72 Protection Around The Sub
#73 Stern Section Dumped Off
#74 Getting Seasick
#75 Another Sub Follows
#76 Tex Tries The Radio
#77 Coded Message. Keynotes Hit Sub
#78 Sailboat Pickup
#79 Sprayed With A Chemical
#80 Rescued By Oil Tanker
#81 Joan & Jerry Stay Behind
#82 Jerry Shows L.A. To Joan
#83 Someone's In The House
#84 Smelling Smoke Alarms Everyone
#85 Planning The Return
#86 Joan Is Afraid
#87 Sailing For The Magic Island
#88 Joan Questions The Crew
#89 A Large Bad Storm Causes Problems
#90 Engineer Peterson Is Taken Prisoner
#91 Ship Arrives At The Magic Island
#92 The Descent Into Modern Atlantis
#93 Everyone Disappears
#94 Questioned By G-47
#95 A Beautiful Apartment
#96 The City Is Discovered
#97 13 Large Cave Rooms
#98 Skipper Found Caring For Animals
#99 Meeting Master Builder
#100 Artificial Volcano Eruption
#101 Ships Moved Away
#102 Comparing Notes
#103 The Pigeons
#104 Talk About Future Plans
#105 Jerry & Tex Disappear
#106 Listening To Radio Broadcast
#107 Aboard A Test Rocket Plane
#108 A Test Flight
#109 Instruments Have Failed
#110 Rocket Plane Down In The Water
#111 All Four Are Rescued
#112 Elaine Has A New Home
#113 An Airlock Is Discovered
#114 Making Escape Plans
#115 A Keystone Note Demonstration
#116 Tex Is Suspicious Of Elaine
#117 Daring Escape Attempt
#118 Landing On Lake Hollywood
#119 A Second Return Is Planned
#120 Tex Takes Off With Elaine
#121 Stopping Reporters Story
#122 Tex & Elaine Control Euclidia
#123 Motor Almost Dead
#124 Island Being Raised
#125 They Are Sinking
#126 On A Life Raft
#127 G-47 Surrenders
#128 G-47 Has Disappeared
#129 G-47 Is A Professor
#130 Enrolling In College

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