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Jezebel Johnston Audiobook Birth of a Buccaneer - 32 hours [Download] #RA1042D
Jezebel Johnston Audiobook Birth of a Buccaneer
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Jezebel Johnston Audiobook
Birth of a Buccaneer
by Nancy Hansen
Read by Roberto Scarlato
Book 1
Jezebel Johnston: Devil’s Handmaid
The Call of the Sea
Born on the pirate island of Tortuga, 14-year-old Jezebel Johnston is a beautiful mulatto sired by an English privateer named Long Tom Johnston and Mofina, the madam of a well-known bordello. For most of her young life, Jezebel was mesmerized by her father’s stories of life on the high seas. Eventually he sailed off on a new adventure and never returned. Frustrated by her own boring existence, Jezebel conceives of a daring plan to escape the island. She disguises herself as a boy and signs aboard the pirate ship, Devil’s Handmaid, captained by the notorious Dandy Dan Abrams. Her disguise works and within hours she’s sailing away from all she knows as she boldly challenges the dangers and threats that lie before her. Writer Nancy Hansen tells a story of clashing empires all seeking to expand their dominion into the New World. Amidst this expansion of wealth and influence, the pirates of the Caribbean were borne, a savage fraternity of outlaw sailors, murderers and scalawags who ruled the seas. Now comes the saga of a young girl willing to share their tempestuous adventures, cutlass for cutlass, until one day she will become the greatest pirate queen
Book 2
Jezebel Johnston: Queen of Anarchy
The Adventure Continues
Having survived the sinking of the British privateer, Devil’s Handmaid, by a Spanish warship employing an ancient weapon, the disguised Jezebel Johnson and a few of her compatriots are rescued by a flotilla of French vessels. Their commander is the ruthless and sadistic Captain Lucien Levesque. Having witnessed the fiery destruction of the British ship, Levesque is obsessed with hunting down the Spanish galleon and obtaining the secret of the Greek Fire they possess. To do this, he will scour the surrounding islands until his prey is found.
Meanwhile, Jez, and her lover, Walter Armitage, find themselves pressed into service aboard different ships in Levesque’s tiny fleet where they must endure daily hardships to stay alive. At the same time, she comes under the attention of the Queen of Anarchy’s handsome but fierce quartermaster, Mister Blanchette. What is his interest in the young mulato sailor and why are Jezebel’s own feelings confused when near the blond-haired rogue?
Book 3
Jezebel Johnston: Sea Witch
Aboard the Sea Witch
Having escaped the clutches of the sadistic French pirate, Julien Levesque, young Jezebel Johnston and her companions, Walter Armitage and Pakke, throw their lot in with the inexperienced Captain Emile Gagnon and his crew. Fleeing in his speedy sloop rechristened Sea Witch, their audacious plan is to recruit additional sailors and raid the pearl rich islands beyond Port Royale. But to do so they will need to rely on stealth and cunning to avoid the larger pirate ships. If they succeed, a treasure beyond imagining awaits them. If they fail, a cold and watery grave.
Book 4
Jezebel Johnston: Mourning Star
Pirate Politics
With Emile Gagnon’s Sea Witch laid up in the French port of Fort Royale for minor repairs, Jezebel Johnston and young Zachary Spencer go into town to trade with the local merchants. While there, they come to the attention of an unscrupulous smuggler named Luc Charbonneau who cleverly manipulates them into being blamed for thievery committed by his own gang. But before he can rally an impromptu lynch party, they are rescued by Captain Ancel Thibodeaux, the real authority on the small West Antilles island.Thibodeaux is fascinated by the beautiful Jezebel and pressures her and Zachary into joining the crew of his own pirate ship, Mourning Star. Having no other recourse, the two agree and the wily French buccaneer sets about tutoring the lovely mulatto into being part of his elaborate scheme to sail across the Atlantic and raid the rich Barbary Coast. Once again writer Nancy Hansen unfurls the sails of her imagination in this, the fourth chapter in the saga of Jezebel Johnston as she navigates the dangerous waters of rogues, brigands and scalawags on her way to becoming the greatest pirate of them all!

Roberto Scarlato has lent his unique and versatile sound to close to two hundred audio productions. His titles include bestselling books such as The Mind Dimensions Series, Twist Me Trilogy, Mia and Korum Trilogy, Redemption’s Edge Series, and The Extreme Medical Services Series. He always had a love for radio shows like Inner Sanctum and Suspense. In 2019 he was nominated for the Independent Audiobook Award for The Accidental Thief series. In his spare time he writes novels and short stories of his own.

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