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Horror Stories eBook Nat Schachner and Edith and Ejler Jacobson - [Download] #RE604
Horror Stories eBook Nat Schachner and Edith and Ejler Jacobson

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Radio Archives Pulp Classics
Horror Stories eBook    
Nat Schachner and Edith and Ejler Jacobson

These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this Horror Stories series of eBooks.
Horror Stories! The dark companion to Dime Mystery Magazine. Created to showcase stories too horrible for Terror Tales. The third of the triumvirate of fear pulps. This brand of fiction came to be called Weird Menace. The mystery-and-menace formula proved so successful that publisher Popular Publications produced Dime Mystery Magazine, Terror Tales and Horror Stories. These three dominated the Weird Menace genre all through the 1930s. Blurbed as “mystery-horror” stories instead of “mystery-terror,” Horror Stories was formulated differently that its companion titles. Damn the plot. Pour on the menace! This ebook contains a collection of stories from the pages of Horror Stories magazine, all written by Nat Schachner and Edith and Ejler Jacobson, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.
Table of Contents:
Horror Stories — An Introduction
by Will Murray 
Vault of the Damned — July 1935 issue of Horror Stories
by Nat Schachner
What presence, unseen but horrible, lurked in Emma Dale’s bedroom? Did the dead man lying there come back to awful life and carry away her roommate? Must she, too, suffer the gruesome torture of slow dismemberment and death?
Kiss of the Iron Maiden — November 1935 issue of Horror Stories
by Nat Schachner
Could Dan Kirkland battle against the eerie power of Guy dc Laval, master torturer, as he spirited Dan’s young wife from his own arms — and substituted for her love the dread embraces of the Iron Maiden?
The Corpses’ Christmas Party — Dec-Jan 1938-39 issue of Horror Stories
by Nat Schachner
Outside in the streets were lights, laughter and the peace of Christmas-tide; but inside the great store, Death reigned supreme and the few courageous ones who trod the aisles glanced fearfully behind them — for no one could tell where next the horror would strike!
Coming of the Unborn Things — Dec-Jan 1938-39 issue of Horror Stories
by Edith and Ejler Jacobson
From the moment that strange summons kept him from committing the sin that could never be forgiven, Dr. Raymond Oliver entered a world peopled by such grotesque and savage mockeries of nature as could only be spawned in the lowest pits of purgatory!
Satan’s Toy Monsters — Dec-Jan 1939-1940 issue of Horror Stories
by Edith and Ejler Jacobson
No longer was the little Pennsylvania village of Severance a place of rest and quiet, for with the coming of those weird toy animals, a madness had swept the town like an evil plague — a madness that transformed clean, decent people into sadistic, degenerate beasts, aflame with the desire to debase and destroy all who were not as they!
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