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Dangerous Assignment, Volume 1 - 10 hours [Audio CDs] #RA240
Dangerous Assignment, Volume 1

10 hours - Audio CD Set

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Product Code: RA240


Dangerous Assignment
Volume 1

"Yeah, danger is my assignment. I get sent to a lot of places I can’t even pronounce. They all spell the same thing, though - trouble."

The 1950s in America was a period of both prosperity and paranoia, of families and fear. Even though victorious in World War II, American society still saw criminals in every shadow, villains around the corner, all laying in wait to disrupt the American way of life. Movies, television, books, and entertainment of all sorts capitalized on this anxiety, turning out tales of foreign infiltrators, nefarious plots to overthrow America, and the broad shouldered barrel chested heroes who stood up for the United States. Radio was no different and one of the best examples of this type of program was Dangerous Assignment.

Debuting in 1950 on NBC, Dangerous Assignment featured tough guy actor Brian Donlevy as Steve Mitchell, a troubleshooting agent of some sort, no real title or number is identified, for an unnamed agency established to protect the country and prevent unrest and turmoil from abroad. Given orders each week by The Commissioner, Mitchell embarked on globe hopping adventures in each episode, usually posing as a foreign correspondent working a lead on some possible threat to America or even the entire world. Wading into the fray in stereotypical United States tough guy hard boiled style, Mitchell would uncover the plot, deal with the villains, and leave the world safe once again for democracy, all within thirty minutes.

Restored to sparkling audio quality by Radio Archives, Dangerous Assignment, Volume 1 features 20 episodes on 10 CDs of two-fisted action, worldwide intrigue, and a dash of humor and heroics! Classic radio adventure!

Italy: Relief Supplies
Saturday, July 9, 1949 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Saigon: Sunken Ships
Saturday, July 16, 1949 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Nigeria: Safari
Saturday, July 23, 1949 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

France: Millionaire Murders
Saturday, August 6, 1949 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Portugal: Alien Smuggling
Saturday, August 13, 1949 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Switzerland: File #307
Saturday, August 20, 1949 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Panama: Missing Japanese Weapons
Monday, February 6, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Tangier: Captain Rock
Monday, February 13, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Greece: The Greek Connection
Monday, February 20, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Macau: Stolen Medical Records
Monday, February 27, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

San Diego: Wire Spool
Monday, March 6, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Switzerland: International Blackmail
Monday, March 20, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Egypt: The Sheik’s Secret
Monday, March 27, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Trinidad: Pirate Loot
Monday, April 10, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Ford

Ecuador: Flying Saucers
Monday, April 17, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sustaining

Alaska: Missing Scientists
Monday, April 24, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Ford

Paris: Sabotage
Wednesday, May 3, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Wheaties

Sweden: Lecturing Professors
Wednesday, May 10, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Wheaties

Arabia: The Lost City
Wednesday, May 17, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Wheaties

Burma: News Correspondence Murdered
Wednesday, May 24, 1950 - 30:00 - NBC, sponsored by Wheaties

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