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Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook October 1936 Tropic Terror - 5 hours [Download] #RA1081D
Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook October 1936 Tropic Terror

5 hours - Digital Download

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Dan Fowler: G-Man Audiobook
Tropic Terror
by C.K.M. Scanlon
Read by Paul Curtis

Crime held the United States in a deadly stranglehold…until the F.B.I. fought back! Handpicked by J. Edgar Hoover, one agent took on the underworld head on, two fisted and guns blazing-Dan Fowler, G-Man!
Follow Dan Fowler’s perilous trail as he hurls a defiant challenge to the evil power of the mysterious, murderous tyrant of Puerto Rico!
J. Edgar Hoover understood that his position as leader of the F.B.I. had many levels. Both famous and infamous for his handling of various kinds of cases as well his attempts to gain power in various ways, Hoover knew that the F.B.I. was not only a law enforcement agency, but also an entity that required a good public relations manager, a job he himself took on whole heartedly.
In the early 1930s, Hoover was highly aware the American public, still in the grip of the Depression, was desperately seeking heroes and had various mediums by which to find them. He also understood that the F.B.I. needed to be seen as heroes, both as an organization and as individuals, to both ensure cooperation from all parts of the country as well as to strike fear, if possible, into the growing criminal populace. Hoover himself led the charge to turn the F.B.I. into the real life superheroes as far as the American public was concerned.
Hoover made several in roads into American entertainment. While radio, film, and even comic projects met with limited success, leading Hoover to also explore the popular fiction market of the day, pulp magazines. While in 1936 there would be four Pulps focused on the Bureau, the first of these was, according to most experts, carefully managed by Hoover, some even saying he based the lead on himself, or perhaps Melvin Purvis. Regardless of the inspiration, Pulp’s greatest F.B.I. agent took 1935 by storm in the pages of G-Men magazine.
Paul Curtis breathes life into the F.B.I.’s most relentless and skilled manhunter, Dan Fowler G-Man in the thrilling tale Tropic Terror! Originally published in the October 1936 issue of G-Men!
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Morning, Noon, and Night
Chapter 2: Midnight
Chapter 3: To Commit a Murder
Chapter 4: The Entering Wedge
Chapter 5: El Pozal de Sangre
Chapter 6: For One’s Country
Chapter 7: The Gun-Runners
Chapter 8: Chiquita
Chapter 9: Death Sentence
Chapter 10: Into the Jaws of Death
Chapter 11: Ways That Are Dark
Chapter 12: One Knave and Sixty Fools
Chapter 13: The Last Stroke

Paul Curtis was a truck driver for 23 years and that is where his fascination with old time radio and audiobooks began. Radio stars and narrators kept him company over the many miles. Now he is taking the opportunity to be the accompanying voice for the theater of the mind!

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