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Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook July 1938 Crime’s Last Stand - 5 hours [Download] #RA1084D
Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook July 1938 Crime’s Last Stand

5 hours - Digital Download

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Dan Fowler: G-Man Audiobook
Crime’s Last Stand
by C.K.M. Scanlon
Read by Paul Curtis

Crime held the United States in a deadly stranglehold…until the F.B.I. fought back! Handpicked by J. Edgar Hoover, one agent took on the underworld head on, two fisted and guns blazing-Dan Fowler, G-Man!
Crushout! No grim prison walls can hold the criminals favored by the mysterious key man — whose open defiance of justice can only be met with G-Man courage!
The earliest Dan Fowler tales were credited to C. K. M. Scanlon. This was a house name, a practice used by nearly every Pulp Publisher, creating a name that several authors would write stories under, usually attached to a singular series. The author who penned the most Fowler adventures under the Scanlon moniker was George Fielding Eliot.
Born in Brooklyn, Eliot began a life of adventure early on when he moved with his family to Australia at age eight. He joined the infantry at the outset of World War One and took part in the operations at Gallipoli. After moving to the European battlefield in 1916, Eliot found himself at several well known battles, including the Somme and Arras. Eliot left the army behind at war’s end for a different form of service and left Europe from Canada, where he became a Mountie before moving to the States and joining the U.S. Army Reserve in intelligence, left the Reserve as a major in 1933, already preparing to work in a different capacity in the approaching World War II, as a writer and speaker.
It was during this time that Eliot made much of his living writing stories for pulp magazines and crime novels while also working on essays regarding war, past and future. It is no doubt that when it came time to find someone to pen the initial adventures of the greatest G-Man in pulp magazines that Eliot was likely the first choice.
Paul Curtis breathes life into the F.B.I.’s most relentless and skilled manhunter, Dan Fowler G-Man in the thrilling tale Crime’s Last Stand. Originally published in the July 1938 issue of G-Men!
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Crushout
Chapter 2: Mark of the Key Man
Chapter 3: Ace in the Sleeve
Chapter 4: Blindfolded!
Chapter 5: Lair of the Key Man
Chapter 6: The Ace Is Trumped
Chapter 7: Unmasked
Chapter 8: “Bail Out!”
Chapter 9: First Blood
Chapter 10: Reconstruction
Chapter 11: Strange Interview
Chapter 12: Murderous Attack
Chapter 13: Close Call
Chapter 14: Manhunting
Chapter 15: Two and Two
Chapter 16: Sally at Work
Chapter 17: Lang in Trouble
Chapter 18: Aboard the Cyclos
Chapter 19: Roundup
Chapter 20: The Key Man’s Hideout
Chapter 21: Crime’s Last Stand

Paul Curtis was a truck driver for 23 years and that is where his fascination with old time radio and audiobooks began. Radio stars and narrators kept him company over the many miles. Now he is taking the opportunity to be the accompanying voice for the theater of the mind!

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