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Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook February 1937 The Navy Spy Murders - 5 hours [Download] #RA1083D
Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook February 1937 The Navy Spy Murders

5 hours - Digital Download

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Dan Fowler: G-Man Audiobook
The Navy Spy Murders
by C.K.M. Scanlon
Read by Paul Curtis

Crime held the United States in a deadly stranglehold…until the F.B.I. fought back! Handpicked by J. Edgar Hoover, one agent took on the underworld head on, two fisted and guns blazing-Dan Fowler, G-Man!
Sinister undercover foes of America plot a mighty campaign of espionage and murder! Crime follows crime as the F.B.I. fights courageously to stem the tide of lawlessness that threatens to engulf our nation!
Although Dan Fowler, G-Man became Pulp’s most successful F.B.I. agent, J. Edgar Hoover attempted to make inroads into other mediums with his massive public relations effort on behalf of the F.B.I. He worked hard to get a radio show that portrayed the bureau as he wanted it to on the air, that would broadcast dramatizations of actual F.B.I. cases into living rooms across the country. Although this would be achieved later more successfully, Hoover’s effort was short lived. His attempts at getting short films produced that would grip the nation as well as a comic strip aimed at educating children about how wonderful the F.B.I. was also did not get very far. It was evident by 1936 that the biggest success Hoover had in turning F.B.I. agents into celebrities and heroes happened in the Pulp magazines.
As many as four magazines dedicated to the F.B.I. were in print by the end of 1936. The first foray into the Pulps for the F.B.I. featured Hoover as the man responsible for giving the greatest manhunter the F.B.I. had cases. Although he didn’t appear fighting alongside Dan Fowler, G-Man, the stories in G-Men magazine made it clear that Fowler, as heroic as he was, was doing the job that Hoover gave him.
Fowler didn’t wear a mask. He wasn’t perfect and he played by the F.B.I. book. He was true blue bureau, a man who existed only to protect his country and fight crime.
Paul Curtis breathes life into the F.B.I.’s most relentless and skilled manhunter, Dan Fowler G-Man in the thrilling tale The Navy Spy Murders! Originally published in the February 1937 issue of G-Men!
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Bloodstained Web
Chapter 2: Hell Over Panama
Chapter 3: Dulce et Decorum Est —
Chapter 4: Dan Fowler — U.S.N.
Chapter 5: The Enemy Moves
Chapter 6: The Cipher
Chapter 7: Message of Death
Chapter 8: Two Girls in Distress
Chapter 9: Check-Up
Chapter 10: The Countess Ermengarde
Chapter 11: The Spy Nest
Chapter 12: Death in the Garden
Chapter 13: Nancy Jourdan
Chapter 14: Before the Storm
Chapter 15: The Danger Point
Chapter 16: The Storm Breaks
Chapter 17: The Death Trap

Paul Curtis was a truck driver for 23 years and that is where his fascination with old time radio and audiobooks began. Radio stars and narrators kept him company over the many miles. Now he is taking the opportunity to be the accompanying voice for the theater of the mind!

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