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Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook December 1935 Hot Money - 5 hours [Download] #RA1077D
Dan Fowler G-Man Audiobook December 1935 Hot Money

5 hours - Digital Download

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Dan Fowler: G-Man Audiobook
Hot Money
by C.K.M. Scanlon
Read by Paul Curtis

Crime held the United States in a deadly stranglehold…until the F.B.I. fought back! Handpicked by J. Edgar Hoover, one agent took on the underworld head on, two fisted and guns blazing-Dan Fowler, G-Man!
Dan Fowler, special agent, whirls into action to mop up a snatch mob — while a hundred grand in ransom bills burns criminal fingers with the hot torch of guilt! Follow a world-wide crime trail!
In many ways, Dan Fowler G-Man wasn’t necessarily all that different from other Pulp heroes in his same field. Dan bore quite a few similarities to other law enforcing types to grace the pulp pages before him. He was handsome, as described in various ways, with hard eyes that could evoke fear in the toughest crook while conveying sympathy and confidence to those in need of justice and rugged, almost carved good looks that could turn ominous in a moment. He was skilled with basically whatever weapon he needed to be and could hold his own especially with his fists. These characteristics were familiar to pulp readers who read detective stories and made it easy for them to relate to Fowler almost immediately.
It isn’t a coincidence, though, that Fowler debuted within just months of Hoover’s organization getting a new name, that of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Experts agree that Hoover played a major part in the debut of Fowler and other government agent types as a sort of Public Relations push by the director himself to promote his agency. To that end, not only was Dan just a detective, but he was a former lawyer, someone who knew the law from both sides. He was also a man with a story all his own, having lost his father while he was on duty as a lawman himself. He hailed from the Midwest, a sort of all American boy, something else that made him relatable to readers from all over.
Paul Curtis breathes life into the F.B.I.’s most relentless and skilled manhunter, Dan Fowler G-Man in the thrilling tale Hot Money! Originally published in the December 1935 issue of G-Men!
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Trail of Blood
Chapter 2: A Packet of Notes
Chapter 3: Code of an Apache
Chapter 4: Blood-Stained Money
Chapter 5: Hot Ice
Chapter 6: The Honesty of Mrs. Venable
Chapter 7: The Trail of Claudette
Chapter 8: The Playboy Agent
Chapter 9: Nolan Takes a Hand
Chapter 10: Wild Goose Chase
Chapter 11: The Dragnet
Chapter 12: Cholera!
Chapter 13: The Wedding
Chapter 14: Interrupted Wedding
Chapter 15: The Grip of Fear
Chapter 16: Island Battle
Chapter 17: Pay-Off

Paul Curtis was a truck driver for 23 years and that is where his fascination with old time radio and audiobooks began. Radio stars and narrators kept him company over the many miles. Now he is taking the opportunity to be the accompanying voice for the theater of the mind!

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