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CBS Radio Workshop, Volume 4 - 10 hours [Audio CDs] #RA257
CBS Radio Workshop, Volume 4

10 hours - Audio CD Set

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Product Code: RA257

CBS Radio Workshop
Volume 4

The CBS Radio Workshop debuted at the end of the Age of Classic Radio, which was a time of innovation and experimentation, especially in terms of radio drama. The ten-hour Volume 4 includes “All Is Bright”, a history of the famous Christmas song; “1489 Words”, which featured the debut of later film composer Jerry Goldsmith’s “The Thunder of Imperial Names”, which was written for a concert band and was based on a text piece by Thomas Wolfe; a two-part adaptation of Frederick Pohl and Cyril M. Cornbluth’s The Space Merchants, which offers a satirical look at rampant consumerism from the viewpoint of an advertising executive; Archibald MacLeish’s “Air Raid”, the series’ only re-broadcast, which had first been written for the 1938 Columbia Workshop. Aired during the Cold War era, it took on a sinister new meaning; Henry Fritch’s “The Endless Road”, about a road to nowhere being built in the Caribbean and the corruption surrounding its construction; “A Dog’s Life”, which was the actual recordings of a pound dog being adopted raised by a man; Rose Orente’s “Carlotta’s Serape”, a play in verse, was the winner of a jury-chosen contest offered by The Academy of American Poets and CBS; Elliott Lewis wrote, directed and performed “Nightmare”, about a man who suffers from nightmares so bad that he can no longer distinguish sleep from reality.
The man behind CBS Radio Workshop, which debuted in 1956, was William Froug. Inspired directly by the work of Norman Corwin on the original Columbia Workshop, Froug put all the pieces together to produce a program that took the best of what had come before it and succeeded even further in production, performance and storytelling.
CBS Radio Workshop not only continued to push boundaries in terms of utilizing story, music, voice and more in exciting, modern ways, it broke new ground in radio drama. In short, the CBS Radio Workshop set the standard for modern audio drama.
Blending sound effects with story, music with voice, and quality with substance, the episodes on CBS Radio Workshop, Volume 4 shows how boundless storytelling can be with audio drama.
#47 The Big Event
Sunday, December 16, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS
#48 All Is Bright
Sunday, December 23, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS
#49 Carl Sandburg: America's Minstrel
(Note: Poor quality. This show is included only because of the importance of the show and to have a complete run of the series)
Sunday, January 6, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#50 No Time For Heartaches
Sunday, January 13, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#51 Fire At Malibu
Sunday, January 20, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#52 The Crazy Life
Sunday, January 27, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#53 La Grande Breteche
Sunday, February 3, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#54 1489 Words
Sunday, February 10, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#55 The Space Merchants Part 1
Sunday, February 17, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#56 The Space Merchants Part 2
Sunday, February 24, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#57 The Ballad of the Iron Horse
Sunday, March 3, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#58 Air Raid
Sunday, March 10, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#59 The Endless Road
Sunday, March 17, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#60 Harmonica Solo
Sunday, March 24, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#61 A Dog's Life
Sunday, March 31, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#62 Noh Plays of Japan
Sunday, April 7, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#63 Carlotta's Serape
Sunday, April 14, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#64 The Son of Man
Sunday, April 21, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#65 Light Ship
Sunday, April 28, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS
#66 Nightmare
Sunday, May 5, 1957 - 30:00 - CBS


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