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CBS Radio Workshop, Volume 3 - 10 hours [Audio CDs] #RA256
CBS Radio Workshop, Volume 3

10 hours - Audio CD Set

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Product Code: RA256

CBS Radio Workshop
Volume 3

The CBS Radio Workshop debuted at the end of the Age of Classic Radio, which was a time of innovation and experimentation, especially in terms of radio drama. Volume 3 of the series includes “Subways are for Sleeping”, an adaptation of the novel by Edmund Love, who actually slept on the subways in the Fifties (and, who, with the profits from his book, ate at every restaurant in the New York Yellow Pages, in alphabetical order); “An Analysis of Satire” by Stan Freberg, a comedian, author and actor who is best known today for his voice actor work with Warner Brothers animation; “A Pride of Carrots, or Venus Well Served” is narrated by its author, Robert Nathan, best known for films made from his novels (The Bishop’s Wife, with Cary Grant, and Portrait of Jennie, with Jennifer Jones); he also contributed “Report on the Weans”, which “documents” what future archaeologist might deduce about twentieth century life by examining its artifacts; an adaptation of Mark Twain’s Roughing It, a semi-autobiographical travelogue that was published in 1872 as a prequel to Innocents Aboard, and covered Twain’s travels in the American West 1861-1867; “The Legend of Annie Christmas”, the title role of which was played by Amanda Randolph, the first African-American actress to star in a regularly scheduled network television show; an adaptation of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz’s 1935 novel, When the Mountain Fell.
The man behind CBS Radio Workshop, which debuted in 1956, was William Froug. Inspired directly by the work of Norman Corwin on the original Columbia Workshop, Froug put all the pieces together to produce a program that took the best of what had come before it and succeeded even further in production, performance and storytelling.
CBS Radio Workshop not only continued to push boundaries in terms of utilizing story, music, voice and more in exciting, modern ways, it broke new ground in radio drama. In short, the CBS Radio Workshop set the standard for modern audio drama.
Blending sound effects with story, music with voice, and quality with substance, the episodes on CBS Radio Workshop, Volume 3 shows how boundless storytelling can be with audio drama.
#27 Star Boy
Friday, July 27, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#28 Subways Are For Sleeping
Friday, August 3, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#29 Only Johnny Knows
Friday, August 10, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#30 Colloquy #2 A Dissertation On Love, or Boy Meets Girl
Friday, August 17, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#31 The Billion Dollar Failure of Figger Fallup
Friday, August 24, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#32 Colloquy #3 An Analysis of Satire
Friday, August 31, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#33 The Hither and Thither of Danny Dither
Friday, September 7, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#34 A Pride of Carrots, or Venus Well Served
Friday, September 14, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#35 The Oedipus Story
Friday, September 21, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#36 Roughing It
Friday, October 5, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#37 A Writer At Work
Friday, October 12, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#38 The Legend of Annie Christmas
Friday, October 19, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#39 When the Mountain Fell
Friday, October 26, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#40 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Friday, November 2, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#41 Colloquy #4 The Joe Miller Joke Book
Sunday, November 4, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#42 Report On the Weans
Sunday, November 11, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#43 Sounds of A Nation
Sunday, November 18, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#44 The King of the Cats
Sunday, November 25, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#45 The Day the Roof Fell In
Sunday, December 2, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

#46 I Was the Duke
Sunday, December 9, 1956 - 30:00 - CBS

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