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February 15, 2019
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Old Time Radio
The Whistler
Volume 12
“I am the Whistler and I know many things, for I walk by night. I know many strange tales hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. Yes, I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak!”
The overall tone of The Whistler over its thirteen year run focused on crime and the undoing of those involved in such heinous acts. Normally average citizens were often drawn to commit their crimes by one poor decision, circumstances, or even on occasion, happenstance. The Whistler’s sardonic comments, dark humor, and illicit irony kept such stories from becoming maudlin and made them great thrillers instead.
The Whistler was a program built around an everyman concept. As The Whistler related the descent into murder and lawlessness each week, it was not on lost on the listeners that most of the protagonists of the shows were, in essence, just like them. This gave The Whistler a level of relativity to its audience that most other shows simply could not manage. The simple fact that most listeners could, in even some little way, identify with the criminals in the program endeared many to The Whistler in a unique way.
The characters in the stories told on The Whistler were not always bad people, but more likely just average citizens, like the show’s listeners. Regardless, the usual outcome for the protagonists was hardly ever positive. There were episodes, however, that The Whistler’s final words did not necessarily spell out death and gloom for those involved. A few shows actually ended on, if not on a happy note, at least with the possibility of hope for those involved. This actually makes The Whistler, as a whole, a show as focused on humanity itself as it is on the darker side of things.
Thrill to chilling tales of crime told only as The Whistler can in this remarkable Radio Archives collection. Restored to sparkling digital quality in The Whistler, Volume 12, these twelve original CBS broadcasts, were aired from July 8, 1946 to November 11, 1946.
6 hours - $8.99 Download / $17.98 Audio CDs
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MP3 digital download - $4.49
Audio CDs - $8.99
Skies of Yellow Death
by Robert J. Hogan
Read by Nick Santa Maria
They called G-8 the Flying Spy. History never recorded his exploits—and for good reason! No one would ever believe World War I was that wild!
“At midnight you die!”
Helpless and wounded by ravaging disease, chained to a bed from which he cannot rise — the Master Spy fights on! Out of the very heart of hell has come this challenge to his courage — Four hours to live, with the work of a lifetime before G-8 — four hours in which to repair a wrong that threatened the safety of the world!
In 1933, fans of Pulp magazines were introduced to a hero, in some ways similar to others, but different in all the right ways. This hero was created because aviation stories were immensely popular in Pulp fiction at this time, primarily due to the world’s fascination with such figures as Charles Lindbergh.
Popular Publications’ G-8 and His Battle Aces featured an aviator and spy fighting the most recent Great War, but not the World War One its readers knew. This man, whose real name was never revealed, did not simply take on the Kaiser’s best pilots. G-8 and his two companions, Nippy Weston and Bull Martin, fought monsters, mad scientists, death rays, and even aliens, all conveniently on the side of the enemy, of course.
Robert J. Hogan, the author of all 110 G-8 pulp adventures, found his inspiration for the character’s name in his own childhood experience with flying. Spending time in his youth at the G-8 Ranch in Colorado, Hogan took his first flight to get there. He then had a fascination with flying, one that carried him into the rather new air corps during World War One. Hogan received training that would later prove invaluable to his career in Pulp aviation fiction, but he never saw battle overseas.
Nick Santa Maria brings G-8, Nippy and Bull to thrilling life in their desperate struggle to defeat a strange nemesis unlike anything they have ever before encountered in Skies of Yellow Death. Originally published in the October, 1936 issue of G-8 and His Battle Aces magazine.
Nick DeGregorio composed the music for the G-8 and His Battle Aces series of audiobooks.
5 hours - $9.99 Download / $19.98 Audio CDs
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MP3 digital download - $4.99
Audio CDs - $9.99

The Ghost, Super-Detective Audiobook

#1 January 1940

Read by Milton Bagby



MEET George Chance! Meet — the Ghost!
They’re one and the same — and make their bow in this, America’s newest and finest detective magazine — The Ghost.
Mystery and magic — thrills and excitement — legerdemain and suspense — you’ll find them all in the Ghost’s repertoire.
Follow the mystifying exploits of the most extraordinary man-hunter the world has ever known! Roar through the pages of this super-detective’s startling memoirs — appearing exclusively in The Ghost!
Meet the Ghost’s aides-de-camp in his war on crime — Glenn Saunders, the Double; Tiny Tim, the Midget; Joe Harper, the Man About Town; Merry White, the glamour girl who has brains and courage, too; Ned Standish, the Commissioner of Police; Robert Demarest, the sharp-tongued Medical Examiner.
Seldom has such a galaxy of characters been gathered within the covers of one magazine. Step up and meet them all — and above all, get to know the Ghost himself.
You may not have believed in “ghosts” up to now. You’ll have faith in this one.
Table of Contents:
Introducing — The Ghost — Biographical Sketch
Calling The Ghost
by G.T. Fleming-Roberts writing as George Chance
Featuring The Magician-detective, The Ghost. The Super-Detective tackles the puzzling problem of the Lisping Man Murders — and opens his mystifying bag of tricks to baffle vicious criminals and bring them to book!
Read by Milton Bagby
Payoff In Lead — Short Story
by John S. Endicott
Three hundred grand is worth fighting for, but —
Read by Paul Curtis
Guns Don’t Lie — Short Story
by Owen Fox Jerome
A bullet-reader traces a death weapon to an unexpected source.
Read by Paul Curtis
These three stories are torn from the pages of the January, 1940 issue of The Ghost, Super-Detective magazine and is read with stirring intensity by award winning voice actor, Milton Bagby.
6 hours - $11.99 Download / $23.98 Audio CDs
Discounted 50% the first week.
MP3 digital download - $5.99
Audio CDs - $11.99
Radio Archives Pulp Classics
#1 January 1940
Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine.
The Ghost! To men of crime, the name sends stabs of terror along their spines. Only five people know that George Chance, professonal stage magician, is in reality the crime fighter, the terror of the underworld, The Ghost! His three assistants are Glen Saunders, his near-twin, Tiny Tim Terry, a midget, and Merry White, his on-stage assistant and off-stage sweetheart. They know the secret of The Ghost. Ned Standish, Commissioner of Police and Robert Demarest, keen-eyed Medical Examiner are also "in the know." The following year, George Chance added a ghastly green glow to his death's-head features, and became widely known as The Green Ghost.
The Ghost first appeared in the January 1940 issue of The Ghost, Super-Detetive published by Thrilling Publications, responsible for such other fare as The Black Bat, Captain Danger and The Phantom Detective. He had a total of fourteen adventures published over the next four years. Mystery and magic — thrills and excitement — legerdemain and suspense — you’ll find them all in the Ghost’s repertoire. Now, The Ghost, sometimes called The Green Ghost, returns in these vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.
Table of Contents:
Featuring The Magician-Detective
Calling The Ghost —Complete Book-Length Mystery Novel
by G.T. Fleming-Roberts writing as George Chance
The Super-Detective tackles the puzzling problem of the Lisping Man Murders — and opens his mystifying bag of tricks to baffle vicious criminals and bring them to book!
Payoff In Lead — Gripping Story
by John S. Endicott
Three hundred grand is worth fighting for, but —
Guns Don’t Lie — Gripping Story
by Owen Fox Jerome
A bullet-reader traces a death weapon to an unexpected source.
The Magician-Detective Makes His Bow! — Editorial
Introducing — The Ghost — Biographical Sketch
Radio Archives Pulp Classics line of eBooks are of the highest quality and feature the great Pulp Fiction stories of the 1930s-1950s. All eBooks produced by Radio Archives are available in ePub and Mobi formats for the ultimate in compatibility. If you have a Kindle, the Mobi version is what you want. If you have an iPad/iPhone, Android, or Nook, then the ePub version is what you want. $3.99
Discounted 50% the first week.

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As always recording quality is great for all the stories. Reading professional and spirited.Thanks for the for G-8. I tried one just for fun. Can’t wait to hear what the weird delivery device will be for the gas, bomb, poison, etc.
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NEW - 50% Discount this week
NEW - 50% Discount this week
50% Discount this week
The Ghost Super-Detective eBook
#1 January 1940

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