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Each and every day, Radio Archives receives a great many letters and e-mails concerning our work to "Preserve Radio's Past for the Future." Here are a few samples - with thanks and gratitude to the nice folks who wrote them

John O'Neill writes:
I have purchased many radio show sets and many reprint pulps from you and they have all been great. Appreciate the quality productions of the radio shows and reprint pulps.

Mariann Steele writes:
I am interested in the Doc Savage pulp classics. It is really amazing to me to read of the things they accomplished without any of our technical advances. Greatest Generation, indeed!

Mark Meyers writes:
Finally my dreams came true: an audio book of Doc Savage. I patiently waited a long time for this, and waited after the announcement for the release. It's like your Dad telling you as a little kid were going to Disneyland once the school year's over and it can't come fast enough. Hopefully this will take off and more will come from other classic pulps. Right on, Radio Archives!

Dominick Cancilla writes:
I am SO glad you now offer digital downloads! My plan is to buy as many as I can as they become available. Thanks!

C. Eugene Schneider writes:
When I found Radio Archives in 2000, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Continuing on 11 or so years later, I must say you produce the finest quality Old Time Radio recordings in your industry. I am very grateful for them and looking forward to what may be around the corner. The quality you provide is better than the original broadcasts. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work.

Pauline Schotz writes:
I love your CDs. You are the best, thank you for the wonderful programs.

Mark Tiedje writes:
Holy Moly! Can't begin to tell you how important and wonderful you are! Friends who love old radio shows and live high in the North Carolina mountains away from easy access will be thrilled to have the sound of 'yesterday' back in their lives. Thanks so much for the easy purchase and quick delivery!

James Headley writes:
I love you guys. Keep up the great work!

Phil Brantingham writes:
It's always great when I read the newsletter and discover radio programs I never heard of. My active radio listening was in the 1940s and 50s. This month's offer of Philo Vance woke me up to a program I had never heard of--and the Marco Polo programs. Where did they come from? The truth is that we listeners couldn't catch all the programs available--and some of them were not broadcast in every part of the country. Then there were the programs only housewives could hear: Arthur Godfrey and The Breakfast Club, as well as the soap operas. As I have said before, Radio Archives is doing a great public service, bringing back to life a part of this country's cultural history. I'm thankful that you are there -- and still bringing us gems from the past.

Dennis Hager writes:
I just wanted to let you know I received my Doc Savage CDs today along with my Fibber McGee and Great Gildersleeve sets. I couldn't be happier with the results. The sound quality is excellent, the packaging superb, and the prices extremely affordable. Although I've known of your company for awhile, I had been leery of ordering simply because I own so many of the shows via cassettes purchased over the years. I wasn't sure if remastering could make much difference sound-wise. The Doc Savage set was something I wished for over the years but lamented that too many bootlegs would make it economically unfeasible. I thank you for taking the risk. I'm happy to say that both those CDs and the Fibber and Gildersleeve releases really are far better sound-wise than any other version I've ever heard. And I think it's safe to say you will be getting more orders from me in the future. Thank you again from a very happy customer.

Richard Potter writes:
I think it is absolutely wonderful that Radio Archives is offering The Shadow pulps in this format. The covers are beautiful, the inside artwork is great; everything is reproduced as authentically as possible. The "extras" in each volume are always interesting. Since the original Shadow pulps are either impossible to find or unaffordable (for me, at least), this is definitely the next best thing to owning them. In fact, in some ways, it's better than owning them, because with an original pulp, it is sometimes risky to try to read it from cover to cover, due to fragility of the paper and binding. I have purchased every Shadow reprint published so far, and will continue to buy them as long as you guys keep cranking them out.

John Roach writes:
I just wanted to let you know I received my order today and, as usual, I am very satisfied with it! Of all the companies I've ordered from not one besides Radio Archives has consistently had such a superior product. To hear re-mastered recordings of this quality, the other companies just don't stand up. Taking this into consideration and the fact that not only do you offer an excellent mainstream of recognized radio shows, but you offer an intriguing line of shows I've never heard of but are very interesting and fun to listen to. Top it all off with pulp reprints and Radio Archives becomes a place I regularly like to shop! My collection has really taken off.

Tom Heathwood writes:
Happy Birthday to Radio Archives! You have become a wonderful source for old-time radio and a dedicated high-end preserve of the wonderful programs of radio's "Golden Days."

Elizabeth Minney writes:
I hope you have as much fun writing your newsletters as I do in reading them! The descriptions you give of the OTR shows is so interesting and well-written.

Jeff Goodman writes:
My Mercury Theatre set came yesterday -- I plan to listen to one disc per night, but must send feedback after hearing the first one. I have heard "Dracula" maybe 50 times over the years, but not like last night. You have cleared away the cobwebs and brought us the actual, terrible, fantastic first-night broadcast. The new clarity brings out not only details of sound effects and music, but also of story and implication. It's thoroughly unnerving and great. Well done!

Gary Kalin writes:
I would like to say thank you for the outstanding service. I started reading the Bantam paperback reprints of Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Avenger when I was in high school. I am dating myself! I have every issue to date of the reprints and enjoy the missing pages that have been restored. It is like reading the story for the first time. I have tried 2 other dealers and your company is the best. I look forward to ordering the next editions of Doc Savage and The Shadow. Keep up the good work.

Kenneth Schwartz writes:
Here's to the best customer service in the business. A recent purchase of a 10 disc-set came with two flawed discs. When I called to get the two discs replaced, I was delighted to receive in the mail an entirely new 10 disc set, no questions asked. Service like this and a great product will keep me coming back.

Lew Cabos writes:
Your stuff is great! I have, in about a month or so, collected all the Doc Savage books and they are a terrific addition to my library. I once had the entire series of Bantam books, but things happen in life. I look forward to buying the new ones directly from you guys. Thanks for, in a wonderful package, letting a guy in his mid 50's relive his teens. You guys are number one with a bullet!

Brad Zinn writes:
Excellent effort! I predict even greater success! Congrats on a remarkable re-invention of Radio Archives.

Scott Eberbach writes:
Lowering the price of your CD collections is a bonus and hopefully that will generate more revenue for the Archives to continue their important work. This will also give the Archives more purchasing power to purchase the ETs for restoration. Thanks for all the hard work you folks put into the restoration of these radio shows from yesteryear.

Gregory R. Jackson, Jr. writes:
Your new website is great! I imagine your spent a tremendous amount of time working on it.

Scott Livingston writes:
I love your company and all you have done to keep high quality Old Time Radio accessible to the masses and keep its allure alive and well in our hectic modern world.

Larry Hultgren writes:
THANKS for all of your work in making excellent quality old time radio programs available. Great variety in your selections and wonderful service!

Leonard Maltin writes:
I don't know why it's taken me so long to catch up with the great work you're doing. I can't wait to hear my first discs.
Lucia Bartoli writes:
I just want to let you know that in a recent e-mail, I told a bunch of people about RadioArchives.com and you will probably get a few calls and orders. I always love the stuff in your collection of great shows. Many of the programs you have were on when I was two or three and up to my teen years. I was born in '44. I still attribute my good imagination to listening to radio, picturing the actors and the scenes the way I wanted to see them. Often, when I actually got to see the actors who played the parts, I was disappointed, thinking MY images were much better. Thanks for so many fun hours of listening to shows. I'll be ordering for Christmas and going through the list makes me want every one of them.

Lee Withers writes:
Radio Archives does a great job in preserving radio's history. Keep it up!

Leonard Chambers writes:
I compliment you on your endeavor to restore and preserve radio programs as they existed in that grand era before television. I'm certain future generations will acknowledge and appreciate your notable efforts in this regard.

Lorraine Combs writes:
I love the old radio shows! I grew up in the 40's and 50's, so it's like revisiting my youth every time I pop a CD into the player. I always have a few in the 6-disc player in my car when I have to drive a distance. Makes the time pass so quickly!

Al Gil writes:
I am really excited about the growth of Radio Archives. I continue to find your recordings superior to any I have found.

Mark Huffstutter writes:
Thanks for all of your hard work saving and making available the great shows.

Martin Kornblatt writes:
I continue to sing your praises. I have enjoyed every one of my purchases and recommend Radio Archives to any OTR buff I meet.

Mary Fichtenberg writes:
Your collections are awesome. Thank you so much.

Maurice & Leigh Anne Peret write:
Thank you for the cherished work that you are doing to preserve such an important part of our history through the remarkable medium of radio!

Max Schmid writes:
I will eagerly await the notices of the new releases to see what you unleash next. Thanks for your work.

Michael Dopkin writes:
I'll echo the comments of your other correspondents as to the excellent job you do in preserving the best of old-time radio and in fulfilling orders in an amazingly short amount of time. You deserve plaudits from all fans of old-time radio.

Michael G. Davis writes:
Keep up the good work. Radio Archives is the best.

Michael O'Brien from Australia writes:
Greetings from an Australian who finds your selections quite enthralling. Keep up the good work.

Mitzi McLaughlin writes:
This is great! I appreciate all of you so much for keeping this alive!

Phil Brantingham writes:
Radio Archives does a wonderful job of bringing back so many quality programs. Your service is really wonderful. Quality sound, full documentation, and fairly low prices. Keep up the good work.

Randy Collins writes:
Thanks for continuing the important work you do, the quality of your product, and for your great service and selection.

Randy Spurlock, M.D. writes:
Thanks again for the continued high quality and diverse selection of shows. Keep it up.

Richard Frankel writes:
I really love the work you do at Radio Archives. I congratulate you and express my gratitude for the great work you are doing.

Richard Scheckman, film segment producer for "The Late Show with David Letterman," writes:
Over the years, I have been able to introduce many friends to the Archives and they are as happy as I am with the quality and quantity of the rare radio shows that you have made available to the old time radio fan. As you obviously know, I order everything that you put out and could not be happier with the quality of sound and selection of shows.

Richard Sens-Castet writes:
I appreciate the hard work that you all at Radio Archives are doing for future generations to appreciate a unique medium that any visual medium cannot match. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in preserving an integral part of our American cultural history and for making it available for everyone's enjoyment. Your organization is fantastic.

Richard Simonton writes:
These radio shows represent immortality to the people who performed in them. It's an obligation to preserve them.

Robert DeBord writes:
I love old time radio and would love to be able to support in a small way the continuance of this oh so necessary work. In a day when entertainment has been relegated to bathroom humor and lasciviousness, it's refreshing to hear true talent the entire family can enjoy. Keep up the good work.

Sanjeev Chawla from New Delhi writes:
I am thankful, received a CD from your organization. I am also involved in archives of radio broadcast content. At present, I am working with All India Radio, India and I converted approx 47000 old archival value tapes into CD format. My main responsibility is training the engineering and programmers in new technology areas.

Scott Eberbach writes: 
I feel that the work that your organization does is very important. That is why I will be placing another order within a week or two. Thanks for all you do in preserving Radio's past for future generations!

Stephen Jansen writes:
I REALLY enjoy being a part of this - I have a profound love of OTR (and audio, in general), and believe that what you are doing is terribly important. MP3's are nice, but this type of audio preservation is a completely different kind of nice.

Stephen Shafer writes:
As a university professor and historian, I am very interested in the preservation of classic radio, and I am delighted to hear that this organization is devoted to that cause.

Tammy Poole writes:
Love the CD's. So glad I found your web site.

Terri Lucas writes:
Thanks so much again for the wonderful work to preserve the rich history of radio and keep those CDs comin'! These are going to be a surprise birthday gift for someone who got an enormous kick out of an earlier set. You provide excellent quality and diversity.

Thomas Horton writes:
Thank you for keeping our radio programs 'alive.'

Walt Jones writes:
Great thanks..look forward to listening to and purchasing more sets in the coming year. I work at the Pentagon and enjoying these shows takes me back in time and far away from the sad news and times we live in today.

Woody Schultz writes:
Great CDs, Great CDs! Radio Archives is the best for 20th century radio. Keep the great shows coming. Love you guys!
Wyatt Clough writes:

OTR is my life! I really enjoy the wonderful old time material.

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