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  Thibaut Corday of the Foreign Legion Audiobook - #1 The Death Watch - 5 hours [Audio CDs] #RA505
Thibaut Corday of the Foreign Legion Audiobook - #1 The Death Watch


5 hours - Audio CD Set

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Will Murray's Pulp Classics #73
Thibaut Corday of the Foreign Legion #1 Audiobook
The Death Watch
by Theodore Roscoe
Read by Roy Worley. Liner Notes by Will Murray

Be there a man with soul so dead that it didn’t tingle a trifle when his ears heard mention of the Foreign Legion of France! La Legion Etrangere! The Hell Battalion! The Army of the Damned! The Stepsons of Madam Republic! The sun-bitten, war-smitten corps that has carried the Tricolor from Casablanca to Hanoi, Dahomey to Somaliland, the English Channel to Madagascar. The outfit known to French regulars as ‘cavalry on foot’ because it can march so fast and far. The Legion!”


—Theodore Roscoe


Stories of the French Foreign Legion were a staple of the great pulp magazines of the 20th Century. The ingredients of high adventure were embedded in the unique situation of fighting men from all around the world, fleeing from the law, broken hearts or other nameless tragedies, banded together in exotic foreign lands in service to French national interests. In an earlier era, these infamous soldiers of misfortune were a symbol of romantic glory.


P. C. Wren’s oft-filmed Beau Geste was the most celebrated French Foreign Legion novel ever penned, but when it came to short stories and novelettes, Theodore Roscoe was the prince of the genre. His battle-seasoned Legionnaire, Old Thibaut Corday, has also stood the test of time, thanks to the author’s immensely imaginative storytelling skills––and the fact that he wrote about people and places he knew because he visited them.


The series ran in the pages of Argosy between 1929-39. Corday is a retired fighting man dwelling in Algiers, who spins tales of his soldiering days for any who will listen. Dubbed the “Bearded Scheherazade of the Legion,” Corday recounts, not dusty yarns of outpost forts in distant deserts, but strange stories that defy rational explanation. Defy––not for deny. For no matter how wild the tale, no matter how much the canny old Legionnaire seems to be stretching the truth, there is always a satisfying solution.


For what we hope to be the first of many audiobooks centering about this colorful character, we present Thibaut Corday’s debut story, “Better Than Bullets,” as well as “The Dance of the Seven Veils,” “An Eye for an Eye,” and the absorbing novelette, “The Death March.” They comprise a stirring introduction to this immortal character and his fellow soldiers of misfortune, Yankee Bill the Elephant and Christianity Jensen the Dane. If you think the exploits of the French Foreign Legion is old stuff, Theodore Roscoe will show you how great tales are told––if you will only lend an ear to Old Thibaut Corday as he weaves yet another eye-popping yarn of his youth....


Thibaut Corday is the perfect protagonist for audiobooks! Read with appropriate aplomb by Roy Worley.

Thibaut Corday of the Foreign Legion
by Theodore Roscoe
Read by Roy Worley
Introduction by Gerd Pircher
Better Than Bullets
The Dance of the Seven Veils
An Eye for an Eye
The Death Watch
Chapter 1: The Little Yankee
Chapter 2: The Flower of France
Chapter 3: Into Hell!
Chapter 4: To the Rescue!
Chapter 5: The Death Watch!

The Men Who Make The Argosy - Theodore Roscoe

Will Murray is the Series Producer for Will Murray’s Pulp Classics line of Pulp Audiobooks and Pulp eBooks. Will is the author of over 60 novels in popular series ranging from The Destroyer to Mars Attacks. Collaborating posthumously with the legendary Lester Dent, he has written to date numerous Doc Savage novels, with Skull Island, Death’s Dark Domain, Desert Demons, Horror in Gold, and The Ice Genius among those now available. For National Public Radio, Murray adapted The Thousand-Headed Man for The Adventures of Doc Savage in 1985, and recently edited Doc Savage: The Lost Radio Scripts of Lester Dent for Moonstone Books. He is versed in all things pulp.
Roy Worley was born in Memphis, TN where he grew up. Storytelling was part and parcel of his childhood as he heard his grandfather tell many funny stories of life as a poor boy growing up in the delta of Mississippi. It was just natural that he would pick it up. His storytelling ability has been fine-tuned over a thirty-five year ministry as a preacher, both in the US and in South America.
Roy has narrated books that can be found on Amazon.com, iTunes and Audible.com. They range from works of fiction, to Christian theology to civil war history. He was sought out in 2012 by mystery author Chinle Miller to narrate her Bud Shumway series.

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