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February 10, 2017
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“I’m The Comic Weekly Man, the jolly Comic Weekly Man and I’m here to read the funnies to you happy boys and honeys.”
This memorable theme song welcomed its audience to one of the most unique programs of the era of Classic Radio. The concept was simple. The Comic Weekly Man sang his song, then picked up the newspaper, flipped right to the comic strips, and read them aloud to millions of listeners, replete with different voices, music, and sound effects.
Airing on Mutual beginning in 1947, The Comic Weekly Man combined two pastimes important to American families, Radio and Comic strips. Reading from Puck: The Comic Weekly found in the papers owned by William Randolph Hearst, The Comic Weekly Man brought comic strip favorites – from Flash Gordon to Beetle Bailey, from Prince Valiant to Snuffy Smith - to life in a way most strips had never been heard.
One amazing aspect of this program is just how many voices were heard each week. The Comic Weekly Man, voiced by veteran radio actor Lon Clark, voiced all the male parts while Little Miss Honey, a young girl, assisted with the female roles. A whole cast of comic strip heroes and villains performed by two actors.
Fully restored, the sparkling audio quality of this collection features 12 episodes of comic strips turned radio adventures. Listen as the comic strips of your childhood joke, fight, and tickle their way to your ears with the The Comic Weekly Man, Volume 5.
6 hours - $8.99 Download / $17.98 Audio CDs
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What will you find in the Nostalgia Ventures store?
All of the Nostalgia Ventures sets, most not available for several years. These sets will be offered for the first time ever in a Digital Download format. (Coming Soon)
The line of Nostalgia Ventures DVDs.
Three of Nostalgia Ventures Audio CD sets will be available until all of the inventory is sold. These will not be republished as Audio CDs but will be available as Downloads.
We are expanding the Nostalgia Ventures product line with new exciting products.
These are being offered as MP3 digital downloads and are priced at 49 cents for half hour shows, 24 cents for quarter hour shows, etc. Wavfiles are available upon request.
Old Time Radio Shows We have tens of thousands of 16" transcription discs and low generation reels that have shows that will never be made into Radio Archives sets. We are excited to offer them here. The shows are processed with state-of-the-art CEDAR technology - the audio processing system used by major recording companies to restore older recordings. We expect them to be the best sounding copies available anywhere.
Music radio shows We have thousands of Music 16" transcription discs that will never be made into Radio Archives sets. These shows will be processed using CEDAR for great sound.
New releases at Half Price
The new releases for this newsletter are:
NV00143 Duffy's Tavern - Fred Allen Tuesday, January 4, 1944 - 30:00 - Blue network - Minit-Rub, Sal Hepatica commercials
NV00144 Duffy's Tavern - Colonel Stoopnagle Tuesday, March 7, 1944 - 30:00 - Blue network - Minit-Rub, Sal Hepatica commercials
NV00145 Duffy's Tavern - Vincent Price Friday, January 5, 1951 - 30:00 - NBC - RCA Victor, Anacin commercials
NV00146 Grand Ole Opry - Red Foley, Merle Travis Sunday, January 18, 1948 - 30:00 - NBC - Prince Albert Tobacco commercials
NV00147 Hoosier Hot Shots Show - The Lowdown On Higher Education Saturday, October 7, 1950 - 30:00 - Mutual - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00148 Jeff Regan, Investigator - Some Enchanted Carhop Wednesday, December 21, 1949 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00149 Jeff Regan, Investigator - It All Comes Back To Me Now Wednesday, April 26, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00150 Jeff Regan, Investigator - They've Got More Than Coffee In Brazil Sunday, June 18, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00151 Jeff Regan, Investigator - No Sad Clowns For Me Sunday, June 25, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00152 Jeff Regan, Investigator - She's Lovely, She's Engaged, She Eats Soy Beans Sunday, July 9, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00153 Jeff Regan, Investigator - A Fire For Romano Sunday, July 30, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00154 Jeff Regan, Investigator - There's Nothing Like a Pork Chop When Supper Rolls Around Sunday, August 6, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00155 Jeff Regan, Investigator - Gentlemen Prefer Horses Sunday, August 27, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Sustaining, no commercials
NV00156 Let George Do It - #51 The Public Eye 1950s - 30:00 - Syndicated - No commercials
NV00157 Let George Do It - #52 How Gullible Can You Get 1950s - 30:00 - Syndicated - No commercials
NV00158 Let George Do It - #61  The Brothers McIntosh 1950s - 30:00 - Syndicated - No commercials
NV00159 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Case Of Murder and The Star Of Death Thursday, June 9, 1949 - 30:00 - CBS - Kolynos Toothpaste, Bisodol Mints, Anacin commercials
NV00160 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Yellow Talon Murder Case Thursday, September 22, 1949 - 30:00 - CBS - Anacin, Kolynos, Heet, Kriptin, Bisodol, Hills Cold Tabs commercials
NV00161 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Silver Dagger Murder Case Thursday, October 13, 1949 - 30:00 - CBS - Anacin, Kolynos, Heet, Kriptin, Bisodol, Hills Cold Tabs commercials
NV00162 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Case Of The Ruthless Murderers Thursday, October 27, 1949 - 30:00 - CBS - Anacin, Kolynos, Heet, Kriptin, Bisodol, Hills Cold Tabs commercials
NV00163 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Engaged Girl Murder Case Thursday, November 10, 1949 - 30:00 - CBS - Anacin, Kolynos, Heet, Kriptin, Bisodol, Hills Cold Tabs commercials
NV00164 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Case Of The Rushville Murder Thursday, January 5, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Anacin, Kolynos, Heet, Kriptin, Bisodol, Hills Cold Tabs commercials
NV00165 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Case Of Murder and The Jewel Thief Thursday, February 9, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Anacin, Kolynos, Heet, Kriptin, Bisodol, Hills Cold Tabs commercials
NV00166 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Innocent Flirtation Murder Case Thursday, March 16, 1950 - 30:00 - CBS - Anacin, Kolynos, Heet, Kriptin, Bisodol, Hills Cold Tabs commercials
NV00167 Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons - The Mother's Plea Murder Case Wednesday, April 23, 1952 - 30:00 - NBC - Dentyne, Chesterfield, Anacin commercials
NV00168 The Adventures Of Red Ryder - Trouble In Devil's Hole Saturday, March 28, 1942 - 30:00 - Blue network - No commercials
NV00169 The Adventures Of Red Ryder - Trouble In Roaring River Thursday, May 7, 1942 - 30:00 - Blue network - No commercials
NV00170 The Adventures Of Red Ryder - $40,000 in Gold on Ghost Mountain Saturday, December 28, 1946 - 30:00 - Mutual-Don Lee - Langendorf Bread commercials
NV00171 The Adventures of Charlie Chan - #1 September 1936 - 15:00 - Mutual - Sustaining no commercials
NV00172 The Adventures of Charlie Chan - #2 September 1936 - 15:00 - Mutual - Sustaining no commercials
NV00173 The Adventures of Charlie Chan - #7 September 1936 - 15:00 - Mutual - Sustaining no commercials
NV00174 The Adventures of Charlie Chan - #8 September 1936 - 15:00 - Mutual - Sustaining no commercials
NV00175 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 1 of 5 Sunday, April 25, 1976 - 60:00 - WAMU FM - Sustaining no commercials
NV00176 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 2 of 5 Sunday, April 25, 1976 - 60:00 - WAMU FM - Sustaining no commercials
NV00177 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 3 of 5 Sunday, April 25, 1976 - 60:00 - WAMU FM - Sustaining no commercials
NV00178 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 4 of 5 Sunday, April 25, 1976 - 60:00 - WAMU FM - Sustaining no commercials
NV00179 The Story Of Gunsmoke - Part 5 of 5 Sunday, April 25, 1976 - 60:00 - WAMU FM - Sustaining no commercials
Newsletter special
All the shows that are added to each newsletter will be sold in one zip file for half price until the next newsletter is sent out.
New releases at Half Price
Buy all 20 hours, 37 new shows in one big zipfile for Half Price. Normally $19.63. Only $9.81 until February 23rd. 
The Best of AdventureDoc Savage AudiobooksDoctor DeathDusty Ayres and his Battle BirdsG-8 and His Battle AcesThe Green LamaOld Time Radio AudiobooksOperator #5Sci-FiThe Secret 6Secret Agent XThe SpiderSingle Title Audiobooks
Laboratory of the Damned
by Norvell W. Page writing as Grant Stockbridge
Read by Nick Santa Maria
Richard Wentworth — whose grim, anti-crime crusades as the Spider have made him world-famous — was the first objective in the Poison Master’s murder campaign. His best friend, Kirkpatrick, lay in a death-like stupor. His beloved, Nita van Sloan, was stricken with the horrible living death! And at the same time, countless thousands were felled by the same fatal venom... Caught in the crossfire between the Law and the Underworld, the Spider must battle the blind apathy of a nation ensnared in a subtle death-trap — must overcome the despair in his own brave heart...!
One of the things that sets the Spider apart from other hero characters is magnitude; the villains commit acts of destruction on a grand scale, sinking whole ocean liners, toppling entire buildings, wiping out entire towns with germ warfare. The evil masterminds are in truth more terrorists than criminals, their villainy often more for its own sake than any concrete plan for profit.
The Spider did not speak lightly of evil. He was too gentle, too tender a lover, to blot the glamorous night with useless vaporings. He was too courageous to take fright from vague notions. But through years of ceaseless struggle and hourly danger—from the Underworld and also from the police who considered his brand-marked executions of criminals only murder—he had developed an uncanny feeling like the sixth sense of bats. Flying in the dark, scarcely seeing, an impact of air waves warning the animal of obstacles in its way. So something—thought waves?—warned the Spider of danger.
Nick Santa Maria reads Laboratory of the Damned with the crackling intensity you have come to expect of his superb talent. Originally published in The Spider magazine, July, 1936.
5 hours - $9.99 Download / $19.98 Audio CDs
Magician of Mars
by Edmond Hamilton
Read by Milton Bagby

Renegades from nine worlds crash out from interplanetary prison in a weird quest for phantom treasure. Follow the Futuremen as the greatest feud of all time catapults them into the fifth dimension.
Captain Future is the roving marshal of the spaceways, supported by the Futuremen, the best deputies the universe has to offer. And as strange and exotic as the heroes may be, the villains are cut from even more exotic, weirder cloth.
Captain Future has no shortage of enemies. Beings from across the universe and beyond plot to dominate planets, to destroy galaxies, and find themselves defeated by Captain Future. Only one of his foes, however, proved evil enough to face Captain Future twice. Ul Quorn, The Magician of Mars, is actually the son of the man responsible for murdering Curtis Newton’s parents. Intelligent, ruthless, and strong, Quorn is nearly Captain Future’s equal in every way and comes closer than any to ending the life of the Man of Tomorrow.
Captain Future learned much of what he knew from perhaps the oddest surrogate father in fiction - The Brain. Simon Wright, a brilliant scientist and companion to Curtis Newton’s father, became so riddled with age and sickness that the only option to continue his life meant literally living as a brain in a specially designed box. When Captain Future’s parents were killed, Wright not only serves as Captain Future’s mentor, but also as the leader of the trio of Futuremen who join Captain Future on his wild escapades. More than just a brain in the box, Simon Wright plays a major role in Captain Future’s history and stories.
Rocket into science fiction adventure and discover new worlds. Ripped from the pages of the Summer 1941 issue of Captain Future magazine, “Magician of Mars” is read with wonder and excitement by Milton Bagby.
5 hours - $9.99 Download / $19.98 Audio CDs
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The best of timeless Pulp now available as cutting edge eBooks, bringing the greatest heroes, awesome action, and two fisted thrills to your eReader! Presenting Pulp Icons such as the Spider, G-8 and His Battle Aces, Operator #5 as well as wonderfully obscure characters like the Octopus and Doctor Death. Radio Archives brings you the best of yesterday's Pulp today! All eBooks produced by Radio Archives are available in ePub and Mobi formats for the ultimate in compatibility.
Battle Birds eBooksCaptain Combat eBooksCaptain Future eBooksDare-Devil Aces eBooksDime Mystery Magazine eBooksDoctor Death eBooksDusty Ayres eBooksG-8 and His Battle Aces eBooksThe Green Lama eBooksHorror Stories eBooksOperator #5 eBooksRangeland Romances eBooksRobert Weinberg Presents eBooksThe Secret 6 eBooksSingle Title eBooksThe Spider eBooksTerror Tales eBooks
Radio Archives Pulp Classics
Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this series of eBooks.
G-8 and His Battle Aces rode the nostalgia boom ten years after World War I ended. These high-flying exploits were tall tales of a World War that might have been, featuring monster bats, German zombies, wolf-men, harpies, Martians, and even tentacled floating monsters. Most of these monstrosities were the work of Germany’s seemingly endless supply of mad scientists, chief of whom was G-8’s recurring Nemesis, Herr Doktor Krueger. G-8 battled Germany’s Halloween shock troops for over a decade, not ceasing until the magazine folded in the middle of World War II. G-8 and His Battle Aces return in vintage pulp tales, reissued for today’s readers in electronic format.
Table of Contents:
Introduction to G-8 and His Battle Aces
by Will Murray
Smashing Novel Of Battle Wings
The Death Master’s Last Patrol
As told by G-8 to Robert J. Hogan
Deep in Hunland they gather, the Death Masters of the German air command, pledged to bring doom to the armies of Freedom — while, deep in a crumbling dungeon, G-8, the Master American Flying Spy, fights the greatest battle of his career, to destroy War’s most savage weapon — a machine that can annihilate the Yankee forces, make them victims of a living death!
Cowards Fly In Hell — A Greaseball Joe Story
Higher than the peaks of the mountains where he was born, faster than the eagles that soared above them, flew the cowboy ace who knew only the Law of the Lariat — and made war against any hombre who was false to it!
No Retreat For The Brave — Outstanding Sky War Story
They hated him for his mad bravery, but one fear he had — the ghastly awareness of the dead ace who flew by his side, and drove him on to victories he didn’t want!
The Devil’s Squadron — A Red Falcon Story
A traitor to the Yanks, yet sworn foe of the Huns, Barry Rand and his ebony assistant, Sika, launch a two-man counter-offensive against the most daring drive of the Kaiser’s legions!
G-8 Speaks — Special Air Department
G-8 gabfest, conducted by the Master Spy himself!
Radio Archives Pulp Classics line of eBooks are of the highest quality and feature the great Pulp Fiction stories of the 1930s-1950s. All eBooks produced by Radio Archives are available in ePub and Mobi formats for the ultimate in compatibility. If you have a Kindle, the Mobi version is what you want. If you have an iPad/iPhone, Android, or Nook, then the ePub version is what you want. $3.99
Pulp Book Store
Adventure House Pulp Replicas
Adventure House replicas reproduce the entire pulp magazine and reprints the magazine on acid free paper. Not only is the lead story reprinted, all the backup stories, original artwork and even the wonderful advertisements are included. Adventure House replicas are the closest thing to an original pulp magazine at a fraction of the collector’s price.
Captain Future G-8 and His Battle AcesHigh AdventuresJungle StoriesThe Lone RangerThe Phantom DetectiveSecret Agent "X"Misc Pulp Replicas
September 1940
The Phantom and the Melody Murders by Robert Wallace
Songdom’s Hit Parade gives way to a corpse cavalcade when the keyboard killer and his criminal cohorts rule swing lane!  Follow the World’s Greatest Sleuth as he pits himself against the menacing evil power of a madman.
Murder Is My Business by Barry Brandon
Of Lice and Men by Thomas Thursday
Adventure House
112 pages
Published: 12/16
ISBN: 1-59798-284-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59798-284-9 
Pulp Replica $14.95
December 1938
The Star Parade by Henry Kuttner
The Loot of Time by Clifford Simak
The Metal Ocean by Eando Binder
Bands Across the Void by Will Garth
The Great Adventure by Ray Cummings
Tidal Moon by Stanley G. & Hellen Weinbaum
The Cosmic Hiss by Edmond Hamilton
Adventure House
128 pages
Published: 12/16
ISBN: 1-59798-581-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-59798-581-9
Pulp Replica $14.95

July 1939
Golden Harvest by C.K.M. Scanlon
F.B.I. Inspector Dan Fowler takes a trail of blood and bullets when he goes on a manhunt to check a sinister crime baron’s heinous activities! The law is challenged by a Midas of Murder whose touch means sudden death.
Mr. Wong Travels East by Lee Fredericks
Burning Oil by Milton Lowe
Adventure House
112 pages
Published: 12/16
ISBN: 1-59798-533-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-59798-533-8
Cover Artist: J.W. Scott
Pulp Replica $14.95

Winter 1942
The Quest Beyond the Stars by Edmond Hamilton
Ride with Curt Newton, the World’s Greatest Spacefarer, and the Futuremen as they leave the known stat trails to penetrate the source of cosmic rays, the very core of the Universe!
The End of His Service by Ray Cummings
The Man Who Fought Destiny by Arthur J. Burks
The Man Who Awoke by Laurence Manning
130 pages
Published: 01/17
Cover Artist: Earle K. Bergey
ISBN: 1-59798-595-3
ISBN-13: 978-1-59798-595-6.
Pulp Replica $14.95
Doc Savage
Doc Savage Double Novel ReprintsBooks by Will MurrayLost Radio Scripts bookDoc Savage Audiobooks
The Man of Bronze returns in two action-packed thrillers by Lester Dent. First, weird green soul slaves attack Manhattan, propelling Doc and his aides to faraway Asia to confront "The Mystic Mullah." Then, after a mystery box arrives at Doc Savage's headquarters, its enigmatic contents ignite a murderous chain of events in "Terror Takes 7." BONUS: "Doc Savage Around the World" This classic pulp reprint showcases a striking color painting by James Bama and the original color pulp covers by Walter M. Baumhofer and Emery Clarke, Paul Orban's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
Doc Savage: Empire of Doom
Doc Savage & The Shadow vs. Shiwan Khan
by Will Murray and Lester Dent, writing as Kenneth Robeson, cover illustration by Joe DeVito
It began with the hijacking of a destroyer from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The stolen warship struck midtown Manhattan with her mighty guns, then vanished far out to sea.
Who were the strange raiders wearing the golden uniforms of no known power who pulled off the daring theft? And who was their mysterious leader, a being of seemingly supernatural abilities?
Doc Savage did not know. But The Shadow did! Combining forces, the Man of Bronze and the Dark Avenger follow the trail of a superfoe from The Shadow’s past.
But can they learn to trust one another?
From fog-shrouded New York to a futuristic underground kingdom in the heart of Asia, the battle sprawls—with the world’s fate at stake! Softcover $24.95
King Kong Vs. Tarzan
Beast-God Versus Ape-Man
by Will Murray, cover illustration by Joe DeVito
The year was 1933. Filmmaker Carl Denham had captured the stupendous monster he had dubbed “King” Kong. But that was only the beginning. Denham was determined to get the dethroned ruler of Skull Mountain Island back to America, and cash in on the greatest wild animal capture in human history.
The saga of how Kong was taken in chains from his Indian Ocean kingdom to New York City has never been told. In order for the cargo freighter Wanderer to make the long transit to the Atlantic, she is forced to circumnavigate Africa—jungle home of the legendary Tarzan of the Apes!
Here is the long-anticipated clash between the Monarch of Skull Island and Lord of the Jungle.
When the largest anthropoid who ever lived encounters the savage superman raised by the great apes, will they make peace—or war? Softcover $24.95

The Shadow
The Shadow Double Novel Reprints
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! Alone and unaided, The Shadow wages a solo war on crime in two thrilling pulp novels by Walter B. Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant." First, the Knight of Darkness investigates a murder ring whose victims die twice, first in real life followed by a "Death by Proxy." Then, the police assume a million-dollar crime to be a simple bank robbery, but The Shadow knows there is a hidden secret behind the "Loot of Death." This double novel pulp reprint showcases the original color pulp covers by George Rozen and the classic interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Edd Cartier, with historical commentary by Will Murray. Double Novel Reprint $14.95
The Spider
Spider Double Novel ReprintsSpider Double Novel ReprintsThe Spider AudiobooksThe Spider eBooks
Pulp Reprints
The AvengerThe Black BatCap FuryNick CarterThe Phantom DetectiveThe Whisperer
Transcription Discs
Unsorted Transcription DiscsAdventures by MorseFibber McGee and MollyMagic IslandMisc Transcription DiscsHollywood Casting OfficeHollywood Spot LightKomedy KingdomLaff ParadeRhapsody In RhythmUnsorted Transcription Discs
During radio's "Golden Age", most programs were aired live, rather than prerecorded. Luckily, many were recorded while they were being broadcast — sometimes so a sponsor, a producer, a director, or a performer could listen to them later, other times for legal purposes. Most were recorded onto 16" records, called electrical transcriptions or Transcription Discs. With the introduction of audio tape in the 1950s, transcriptions gradually became a thing of the past, with many being discarded in large quantities. As a result, with the passing of the years, they have become increasingly rare and hard to find.
Though it does take special equipment to play such a large record, many radio enthusiasts collect them. Some people are interested solely in discs from a favorite series, while others just like to own a few rare and high-quality transcription recordings to frame and hang on their wall.
Buying transcription discs has always been difficult whether it is finding them, bidding against others in an auction, watching the price quadruple in the last few seconds, or not knowing the quality of the seller or the discs. That has all changed. When you see a transcription disc on Radio Archives that you want to buy, add it to the shopping cart and we will ship it to you the same day. Our flat rate postage of only $4.00 for US orders can save you a lot of money on these heavy discs. Radio Archives has handled 30,000 transcription discs over the last 17 years and we know how to ship them safely.
Add the transcription discs you want to purchase to the shopping cart along with Old Time Radio CDs, Audiobooks, or Pulps that you want for a low $4 flat rate postage for everything in your order.
Unsorted Transcription Discs
220 Transcription Discs have been added to the website since the last newsletter. (T1081-T1300). We will be adding several thousand transcriptions discs in 2017 to the 1300 discs that are currently listed. Be the first to see what has been added since the last newsletter, in the Newly Added section.

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I understand you folks have had reservations about reissuing those QUIET PLEASE shows, but I'm glad you chose to do so. It's a favorite series of mine, and so much of what's circulating on it is barely listenable. I have no doubt, though, that whatever limitations there may be, the quality of what you guys are offering will be an improvement. However, I'm realistic enough not to expect perfection. It's hard to quibble with 49 cents a show, especially with the track record Radio Archives has in regard to sound quality. This new Nostalgia Ventures downloads series you've started looks like it'll be an exciting thing. A good way to get out a lot of material that would otherwise never be reissued via Radio Archives CD sets.
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