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Detective Doc Harker Audiobook #1 Crime Nest - 6 hours [Audio CDs] #RA446
Detective Doc Harker Audiobook #1 Crime Nest

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6 hours - Audio CD Set

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Detective Doc Harker #1 Audiobook
Crime Nest
by Edwin Truett
Read by Michael C. Gwynne
As the grim 1930s turned into the dangerous 1940s, pulp magazine publishers began searching for new titles and concepts. One of the oldest, the Munsey Company, looked over the field with its Doc Savages, Shadows and Spiders and decided that the time for cloaked superheroic avengers had peaked. So they brainstormed a new breed of heroes that broke the mold.
The mystic Green Lama was the first. An American Buddhist lama who fought crime, he has never been duplicated.
Munsey followed up with an equally original crime-buster, Dr. Thaddeus Clay Harker. An aging but spry Kentucky colonel, Dr. Harker was a criminologist operating under the cover of an itinerant peddler of patent medicines, his Chickasha Remedies.
Doc Harker specialized in small-town trouble far from the big cities. His M. O. was to send his advance agent, the lovely master of disguise, Brenda Sloan, to lay the groundwork for his arrival. Then he and his strong right arm, ex-heavyweight wrestler Hercules Jones, would blow into a trouble spot and begin their quiet investigations, operating out of his mobile trailer crammed with patent medicines and sophisticated scientific apparatus designed to combat crime. No one suspected that the genteel Southerner with the courtly charm concealed a steel-trap intellect burning with a single-minded determination to stamp out evil. Yet once Doc Harker got started, invariably all hell would break loose!
The creation of Texas writer Edwin Truett “Bud” Long, Doc Harker debuted in Detective Dime Novels in April, 1940, and continued in Red Star Detective. In his first thrilling case, Doc and Herk come to Abbottville, Texas–-an outwardly ordinary place that the Underworld is planning to turn into a secret Crime Nest.
Every issue of Red Star Detective also included a backup novelette by the notorious Robert Leslie Bellem, starring Nick Ransom, ex-Hollywood stunt man turned private eye, the proprietor of Risks, Incorporated. “Peril for Sale” marks his debut.
Also included are three swift-moving short stories, Murray W. Mosser’s “Trouble For Three,” L. K. Frank’s “Trooper’s Vacation” and C. S. Montanye’s “A Gal Named Sal.”
Michael C. Gwynne turns on the charm in our most unusual audiobook. If you cotton to Doc Harker and his little band of troublebusters, we have lined up several sequels.
Crime Nest
by Edwin Truett
Read by Michael C. Gwynne
Chapter 1: Meet Dr. Harker
Chapter 2: Detailed Information
Chapter 3: A Letter to Read
Chapter 4: The Missing Picture
Chapter 5: Dinner for Two
Chapter 6: Take a Walk, Doc
Chapter 7: Finders Keepers
Chapter 8: Death Across the Hall
Chapter 9: Cards on the Table
Chapter 10: Discourteous Dr. Harker
Chapter 11: A Deal Is Made
Chapter 12: A Line-up of — Shoes
Chapter 13: Gentlemen, to Crime!
Short Story
Trouble for Three
by Murray W. Mosser
Read by John Doyle
Peril For Sale
by Robert Leslie Bellem
Read by Roger Price
Chapter 1: Murder Crash
Chapter 2: Picture Album
Chapter 3: Worm Bait
Chapter 4: Answer Fades In
Chapter 5: Playback to a Fade-Out
Short Story
Troopers Vacation
by L. K. Frank
Read by Milton Bagby
Short Story
A Gal Named Sal
by C. S. Montanye
Read by Nicholas Camm

Michael C. Gwynne’s outstanding achievements have encompassed all areas of entertainment – radio, television and film. Through out the sixties Michael could be heard as a DJ in San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles. Shortly after breaking the Guinness Book of Records for nonstop drumming, 92 hours at the 1965 “Drum-A-Thon” in Honolulu, Michael was cast in the TV series The Psychiatrist by a young Steven Spielberg.
Michael went on to work behind the scenes on Spielberg’s breakthrough film Jaws where he can be heard as the DJ on beach radios. He continued to land roles in popular television shows: Kojak, Dallas, CHiPS, Hill Street Blues, Cagney & Lacey, and Falcon Crest before he crossed paths again with Spielberg when he was cast in an episode of Amazing Stories directed by Martin Scorsese.
Although Michael has worked steadily as a character actor in television and film over the last three decades his first love is still radio where he enjoys the challenges of a fast paced production, bringing a character to life with nothing but his deep thrilling voice!

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