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  Doctor Death Audiobook - #3 The Shriveling Murders - 6 hours [Audio CDs] #RA431
Doctor Death Audiobook - #3 The Shriveling Murders


6 hours - Audio CD Set

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Will Murray's Pulp Classics #24
Doctor Death Audiobook
#3 The Shriveling Murders
by Harold Ward, under the pseudonym of Zorro
Read by Joey D'Auria. Liner Notes by Will Murray
Doctor Death and his Zombie army return for a new stab at conquering the civilized world. This time, he sets out to shrink of the size of government in Washington, D.C.—one politician at a time!
The horror commences when a box no bigger than a Christmas package arrives at the White House. Inside, lies the grisly corpse of the Vice President of the United States—gruesomely reduced to tiny size! With it, a chilling note:
Abdicate. Turn the nation over to me. Make no move against me or he who is next to you will share a like fate.
                                                                                                                                    — Doctor Death
In the Oval office, with the U. S. President and Jimmy Holm, head of the Secret Twelve, looking on in horror, the Secretary of State begins to shrink to the size of a doll…
So begins The Shriveling Murders, Harold Ward’s manic third entry in Dell’s Doctor Death series. This one has it all. Zombies. Doom rays. More Zombies. Poisoned postage stamps. Wholesale slaughter. Zombies galore! Doctor Death pulls out all the stops in this one!
The Shriveling Murders was published in the third and final issue of Dell’s Doctor Death magazine back in 1935.
Narrated with manic intensity by Joey D’Auria, The Shriveling Murders takes the reader from the nation’s capital to the sinister swamps of the South on a roller coaster ride through over-the-top terror.
#3 The Shriveling Murders
by Harold Ward, under the pseudonym of Zorro
Chapter 1: Doll-sized Death
Chapter 2: Death by Shrinking
Chapter 3: Island of the Doomed
Chapter 4: Blood-Sucking Science
Chapter 5: Sacrifice to the Devil
Chapter 6: Clutch of the Swamp
Chapter 7: Journey of Horror
Chapter 8: Lust for Pain
Chapter 9: Petrifying Ray Attack
Chapter 10: Repulsion Ray Attack
Chapter 11: Scourge of the Walking Dead
Chapter 12: Hurricane of Horrors
Chapter 13: “Chop Him Limb from Limb!”
Chapter 14: Cadaver Resists
Chapter 15: Nation Undermined
Chapter 16: Death’s Ultimatum
Chapter 17: Torture Pit
Chapter 18: “Mine to Kill!”
Chapter 19: Lunatic Saturnalia
Chapter 20: Clew to Horror
Chapter 21: Hell’s Mouth Invaded
Chapter 22: Prayer to the Devil

"Doctor Death outdoes himself in this one! Shrinking the size of government, one politician at a time!"
Will Murray is the Series Producer for Will Murray's Pulp Classics line of Pulp Audiobooks and Pulp eBooks. Will is the author of over 50 novels in popular series ranging from The Destroyer to Mars Attacks. Collaborating posthumously with the legendary Lester Dent, he has written to date twelve Doc Savage novels, with Skull Island, Death's Dark Domain, Desert Demons, Horror in Gold, and The Infernal Buddha now available. For National Public Radio, Murray adapted The Thousand-Headed Man for The Adventures of Doc Savage in 1985, and recently edited Doc Savage: The Lost Radio Scripts of Lester Dent for Moonstone Books. He is versed in all things pulp.
"You just can’t keep a good villain down. Old Doc Death seems to have more lives than a cat. . . and this story doesn’t disappoint. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did."
Joey D'Auria is a popular Hollywood voice over actor whose work includes characters for animated cartoons, video games and looping. However, he is best known to Chicago audiences as WGN-TV's Bozo the Clown from 1984 to 2001. During these years, Mr. D'Auria also worked in stage productions and in TV and radio commercials. Returning to Hollywood in 2002 he was the voice for Commissioner Spinklestarber for the anime series Daigunder. In Great Britain, in 2003 he was the principal writer and show coordinator on Star Trek The Experence for See Entertainment in Hyde Park, London.
After that project, Joey worked as head writer and occasional voice talent for Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures on PBS. He also supplied assorted voices for Universal/Imagine's Curious George The Movie, and as the voice of General Alister Azimuth for Insomniac Games,Ratchet & Clank Future - A Crack in Time. You will be able to hear him in the new animated film, War of the Worlds: Goliath for Tripod Entertainment.

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