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Doc Savage: Horror in Gold [Book] #AP078
Doc Savage: Horror in Gold

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Doc Savage: Horror in Gold
by Lester Dent and Will Murray, writing as Kenneth Robeson, cover illustration by Joe DeVito

Back after 20 years! Doc Savage and his mighty crew return in a brand-new series of nightmare exploits that can only be called…. The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage!

It began with an uncanny encounter on busy Seventh Avenue. Two men pass each other in the street, walking along calmly one minute—struck down the next by a horrific fate.

All over Manhattan, soundless detonations cut down prince and pauper alike. No one is safe. Great buildings are reduced to ruin. Banks are demolished. The authorities stand helpless.

Only one man, Doc Savage—scientist, adventurer and superman—can penetrate the eerie enigma that threatens to bring the mightiest city on earth to its knees. But when The Alchemist decrees that the Man of Bronze must surrender unconditionally to save New York, will Doc be snuffed out next?

From the besieged canyons of New York to the rugged coast of Alaska, Doc Savage and his men race to resolve the riddle that brings grisly doom to ordinary citizens—and threatens the economic recovery of a Depression-besieged world.

330 pages, approx. 6"x9"x0.9", approx. 1.2 lb.

About the Series

Doc Savage was the most successful pulp adventure hero of his time. From 1933 to 1949, Lester Dent and other writers penned 182 original exploits of the Man of Bronze and his iron-fisted friends, writing as Kenneth Robeson.

Scientist. Surgeon. Strongman. Superman. Doc Savage was a man without equals. He operated on a global stage, fighting supercrime, discovering lost cities, stopping wars, and uplifting a troubled mankind during the depths of the Great Depression.

Now, in these difficult times, Doc returns in a new series of untold exploits conceived by his originator and brought to life by Lester Dent's natural successor, Will Murray.

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage is no updating or reimagining of a classic character. This is the authentic Man of Bronze in his own era, taking on new challenges and conquering a new generation of foes and fans.

Doc Savage is back. For real.

Praise for Horror in Gold

Link Hullar:
Horror in Gold is a splendid example of just why I have been reading the adventures of Doc Savage for almost 50 years! It is everything we have come to expect from a Doc Savage adventure and MORE! While the characters and writing style are all familiar, these new Doc adventures are truly "WILD"—a whole new level of excitement. Quite simply, Horror in Gold is a Doc Savage masterpiece!

Dave Lewis:
Will Murray has done it again. Another brand new WILD adventure with Doc and the gang is now available from Altus Press. And yeah, this one is wild.

Horror in Gold opens with two men's heads exploding, blasting blood and brains over the streets of New York. This spectacle is followed in short order by mysterious decapitations of fingers and hands - and yes, more heads. And Doc Savage takes it in the shorts, too, as the rear end of one of his favorite roadsters vanishes into thin air.

What's behind it all? I'm not telling. You should find out for yourself. Along the way you'll meet some amazing characters: A quirky but deadly female with the abilities of an escape artist; a scientist seeking the lost secrets of the ancient world; a weird figure slinking around in a purple robe and a Musketeer's hat; and Doc's merry crew of assistant heroes.

The idea behind this series of WILD adventures is to bring us tales that may have been a bit too extreme for the original Kenneth Robeson (Lester Dent) to get away with in the pulps. Luckily, our new Kenneth Robeson (Will Murray) is more than up to the task.

The writing style is right on, the humor hits the mark, and the action jumps off the page. Horror in Gold is everything you could want in a Doc Savage adventure, and the best news it's only the second in a series of at least seven new novels.

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